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Tuesday September 14th, 2021 day edition

image for Israeli anti-vaxx leader dies of COVID-19

Hai Shaulian, a well-known Israeli activist against coronavirus vaccines , died on Monday morning at Wolfson Medical Center in Holon due to the coronavirus.

Shaulian called on his followers on social media not to get vaccinated against the virus under the headline: "There is no epidemic - the vaccine is unnecessary and dangerous.".

Shaulian uploaded a video to social media from the time he was hospitalized.

He said that "I am connected to an oxygen machine without which I suffocate.

If I remove it and walk three meters - I faint.

At the Schneider Children's Medical Center in Petah Tikva, an unvaccinated 17-year-old boy is hospitalized in critical condition.

PIMS is an inflammation caused post-coronavirus in children and its symptoms are high fever, rash, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, general weakness, and decreased blood pressure. »

Bob Enyart, conservative firebrand and pastor, dies of COVID-19

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Conservative firebrand Bob Enyart, the pastor of the Denver Bible Church and indelible talk show host, has died from COVID-19, his radio co-host announced Monday on Facebook.

“Bob Enyart was one of the smartest, and without question, the wisest person I’ve known,” Fred Williams, Enyart’s co-host on the Real Science Radio show, said in a post.

Enyart and his wife refused to get the vaccine due to abortion concerns, he said on his website. »

Texas GOP website down after Anonymous hack and replaced by Planned Parenthood fundraiser

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The website of the Texas Republican Party was the victim of an apparent hacking attack over the weekend and remained mostly offline on Monday.

The extent of the Anonymous hack could still be seen on Internet Archive screenshots from over the weekend.

“We have been able to secure our website, but make no mistake, threats and attacks like this only strengthen our resolve,” the website added. »

Taliban takeover of Afghanistan will reshape Middle East, official warns

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“Afghanistan is an earthquake, a shattering, shattering earthquake, and this is going to stay with us for a very, very long time,” the official said on Monday.

“And I don’t think the Americans are going to be a part of the geopolitical struggle over Afghanistan.

The emphasis will be on “trying to make this region less of a pressure cooker”. »