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Friday September 10th, 2021 day edition

image for Mexico court rules another abortion law unconstitutional

In this file photo taken on September 28, 2020, supporters of the legalization of abortion take part in a demonstration on International Safe Abortion Day, in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Mexico's Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that a state law defining life as beginning at conception and equating abortion with murder was unconstitutional in another victory for abortion rights campaigners.

The unanimous decision by the top court concerns the penal code of the northern state of Sinaloa, but will also affect other states with similar laws.

After Mexico City decriminalized abortion in the first 12 weeks in 2007, at least 10 of the country's 32 states passed laws obliging the authorities to protect life from the moment of conception.

The legislation meant that abortion was equated with infanticide, according to experts.

Mexico has a federated system in which the states establish their own laws, but they can be overridden by Supreme Court rulings that establish jurisprudence.

Up to now, abortion has been legal in four states including Mexico City in the first 12 weeks, while elsewhere, it was permitted in cases of rape. »

Missouri teacher resigns after school tells him to remove Pride flag

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A Missouri teacher resigned last week after administrators in his school district told him he had to take down his Pride flag and that he couldn’t discuss human sexuality or “sexual preference” at school.

So he displayed the flag and two signs above his whiteboards that both read “In this classroom everyone is welcome.”.

During the meeting Aug. 26, the administrators told him to remove the signs and the flag, which Wallis said one of the administrators compared to the Confederate flag. »

Dylann Roof: Racist mass killer appeals death sentence on grounds his victims were presented in sympathetic light in court

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Lawyers for white supremacist mass murderer Dylann Roof have launched a fresh challenge against his death sentence on the grounds that his victims’ “goodness and worth” were unfairly portrayed at trial.

In filings on Wednesday, his legal team claimed that prosecutors’ focus on the victims’ good character meant the death sentence was improperly imposed.

Dylann Roof: Charleston church shooter to plead guilty to murder to avoid second death sentence. »

Pro-China social media campaign hits new countries, blames U.S. for COVID

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The effort has broadened its mission and spread from Twitter (TWTR.N), Facebook(FB.O) and Google to thousands of handles on dozens of sites around the world.

Some of the new accounts are on networks used predominantly in countries that have not previously been significant Chinese propaganda targets, such as Argentina.

Many of the posts echo claims in state-controlled Chinese media, and they are consistent with other government propaganda efforts. »