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Friday August 20th, 2021 evening edition

image for Dorothy Oliver succeeds in getting 94% of Alabama town vaccinated

An Alabama woman is being commended for her efforts that led to getting 94% of the people in her town vaccinated.

Dorothy Oliver has dedicated her time to organizing a pop-up clinic in the small town of Panola, Alabama which currently has approximately 400 residents.

The documentary follows Oliver as she makes various attempts to ensure that her town is fully vaccinated.

With many small towns like Panola not having an official testing site, Oliver felt as though she had to do something.

Oliver, along with county commissioner Drucilla Russ-Jackson, asked the nearest hospital to set up a pop-up site in their town.

Just by having one-on-one informative dialogue with the residents in the community and by using her charm, Oliver has managed to get almost everyone in her town vaccinated.

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Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Blames Black Community, Democrats For COVID Spread

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Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick is speaking out regarding the rise of COVID-19 in Texas and placing the blame on various communities within the region.

"Most of the numbers are with the unvaccinated and the Democrats like to blame Republicans on that," said Patrick.

Patrick ended his statements by saying that the Biden administration should close the border to avoid the spread of COVID-19. »

The Taliban's Afghan Takeover Might Have Consequences For Yemen

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The Taliban's Afghan Takeover Might Have Consequences For Yemen.

This dramatic development will have far-reaching geostrategic consequences, but of particular interest is how it might influence events in West Asia.

This dimension has been under-studied but is no less important than the consequences that the Taliban's Afghan takeover will have on Central and South Asia. »

R. Kelly's physician testifies the singer had herpes since at least 2007 as prosecutors allege he knowingly infected people

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(CNN) R. Kelly' s personal physician of 25 years took the stand Thursday to testify about his treatment of the singer's genital herpes since at least 2007, after prosecutors allege the singer knowingly infected multiple people with the incurable sexually transmitted disease.

"I did not conclude that he did not have herpes," McGrath testified, occasionally referring to Kelly's medical records, which prosecutors obtained through a subpoena.

Defense attorney Nicole Blank Becker pressed McGrath about the fact that the physician didn't document an official genital herpes diagnosis for the singer. »

GOP Leader Who Fought Against Vaccine Dies After Weekslong Battle With Coronavirus

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Pressley Stutts, a Republican leader in South Carolina who fought COVID-19 vaccination efforts, died on Thursday of the coronavirus after a weekslong battle, including six days spent on a ventilator, The Greenville News reported.

Pressley Stutts Pressley Stutts was well known as the leader of the Greenville Tea Party.

Stutts served as an executive committee member of the Greenville County Republican Party and the leader of the Greenville Tea Party. »