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Saturday May 1st, 2021 morning edition

image for Amazon employees say you should be skeptical of Jeff Bezos’s worker satisfaction stat

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos recently said warehouse employees like working for his company so much that “94% say they would recommend Amazon to a friend as a place to work.”

These employees told Recode that many Amazon employees do not answer Connections questions honestly because they fear their responses are not truly anonymous, and they fear retaliation if they give negative feedback.

Others told Recode that some managers, both in warehouses and in corporate offices, pressure their staff to answer questions favorably.

A warehouse manager and employee also said workers often just choose the top answer to more quickly get on with their day.

Are you a current or former employee with insights on what it’s like to work at Amazon?

Please email Jason Del Rey at [email protected] or [email protected] His phone number and Signal number are available upon request by email.

Sedo, the company spokesperson, said that all answers are confidential and that employees can choose not to answer a question. »

Pentagon cancels all contracts to build Trump’s border wall

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The Pentagon has cancelled all of Donald Trump's border wall contracts, according to the Biden administration.

The contracts being cancelled are any that used funding originally intended for use by the military and its functions.

Mr Biden pledged he would not build "another foot" of the wall during his campaign. »

Doom Eternal has added paid skins, despite previous assurances it wouldn’t

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A pair of paid skin packs has been released for Doom Eternal, despite pre-launch assurances that the game wouldn’t include microtransactions.

Bethesda claimed Id Software’s shooter doubled the launch revenue of the previous series entry, 2016’s Doom, although it didn’t offer specific figures.

VGC’s Doom Eternal review said: “Id delivers another relentlessly entertaining single-player campaign that’s one hell of a stress buster.”. »

Elderly couple uses military Morse Code training to escape Tennessee assisted living facility

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Elderly couple uses military Morse Code training to escape Tennessee assisted living facility.

A husband and wife briefly escaped from a secure memory unit at an assisted living facility in Lebanon last month by using military experience with Morse code to decipher and memorize the code to an electronic door lock, according to Tennessee Department of Health documents obtained through a public records request.

Assisted living: Man dies at Nashville assisted living facility after being lost outside overnight. »