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Wednesday February 24th, 2021 evening edition

image for Justin Trudeau says US leadership has been 'sorely missed' during first meeting with Biden

Justin Trudeau has praised Joe Biden for rejoining the Paris climate accord during their first bilateral meeting, saying: “US leadership has been sorely missed over the past years.”.

The meeting – held virtually between the Roosevelt Room at the White House and Trudeau in his Ottawa office because of the pandemic – was Biden’s first with a foreign counterpart since taking office,.

Biden returned Trudeau’s compliments, saying: “The United States has no closer friend, no closer friend, than Canada.”.

Trudeau also thanked Biden for reiterating US support for the release of two Canadians held by China, Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig.

But Biden’s “first priority” remains “ensuring every American is vaccinated”, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said ahead of the meeting.

Another area of concern for Trudeau is the “Buy American” executive order that Biden signed during his first week in office.

Canadian officials expect Trudeau to have a far more productive relationship with Biden than he did with Donald Trump. »

GoldenEye 007's multiplayer was added last minute, unknown to Rare and Nintendo management

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You might know that the multiplayer mode for GoldenEye 007, the seminal N64 shooter, was only added to the game late in development .

What you probably don't know is that the mode was also added unbeknownst to the management at developer Rare and publisher Nintendo.

"I'm sure there were six-month stretches where no member of Rare or Nintendo management came into the team offices," he said. »

‘Hard to watch a traitorous insurrectionist question witnesses’: Internet erupts amid Hawley appearance at Capitol probe

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Referring to Mr Hawley, one Twitter user wrote that it was "hard to watch a traitorous insurrectionist attempt to question witnesses about his acts of sedition".

One account holder called for Mr Hawley to be "charged with sedition and locked up".

HuffPost reporter Matt Fuller wrote that it was "pretty rich to watch Josh Hawley ask anything about" the 6 January insurrection. »

US and allies to build 'China-free' tech supply chain

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The document will order the development of a national supply chain strategy, and is expected to call for recommendations for supply networks that are less vulnerable to disruptions such as disasters and sanctions by unfriendly countries.

The order states that "working with allies can lead to strong, resilient supply chains," suggesting that international relationships will be central to this plan.

The U.S. plans to share information with allies on supply networks for important products and will look to leverage complementary production. »

Marjorie Taylor Greene faces a 'bloodbath' of a reelection race in 2022 — if she isn't expelled from Congress first, district organizers say

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Republicans and Democrats in her district say she'll face a tough reelection challenge in 2022.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, the new firebrand Republican in Congress, is likely to face threats from both parties when she runs for reelection next year, political leaders in her district say.

Greene wore a "Trump Won" face mask on January 3 as she took her oath of office on the opening day of the 117th Congress. »