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Saturday November 21st, 2020 morning edition

image for Donald Trump Jr. tests positive for COVID-19

President Trump's son Donald Trump Jr. has tested positive for COVID-19, two Trump family associates confirmed to CBS News.

A spokesman for Trump Jr. said he tested positive at the start of the week and has been "quarantining out at his cabin since the result.".

"He's been completely asymptomatic so far and is following all medically recommended COVID-19 guidelines," the spokesman said.

Trump Jr. is the latest in the Trump orbit to test positive for COVID-19, following the president's diagnosis on October 2.

On Friday, Rudy Giuliani's son Andrew, who is a special assistant to the president, announced he had tested positive for the virus.

CBS News has confirmed at least four other White House aides have tested positive for COVID-19.

Trump Jr. is the first of Mr. Trump's children to test positive, although his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle tested positive for the virus in July. »

Donald Trump Jr tests positive for coronavirus

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Donald Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr, has tested positive for the coronavirus, having long played down its seriousness and made fun of Joe Biden for wearing a face mask.

Like his father, who tested positive for the coronavirus shortly before the election, Mr Trump Jr has appeared to adopt a very casual attitude towards issues such as the wearing of a face mask to counter the spread of the disease.

Shortly after returning to Washington DC, it was announced Mr Trump and the first lady, Melania Trump, had been infected with the virus, after travelling back with White House adviser Hope Hicks, who had also tested positive. »

Trends in County-Level COVID-19 Incidence in Counties With and Without a Mask Mandate — Kansas, June 1–August 23, 2020

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On July 2, 2020, the governor of Kansas issued an executive order† (state mandate), effective July 3, requiring masks or other face coverings in public spaces.

Segmented regression¶¶ was used to examine changes in COVID-19 incidence before and after July 3, 2020, among mandated and nonmandated counties.

As of August 11, 24 (23%) Kansas counties had a mask mandate in place, and 81 did not. »

‘Deadpool 3’: Marvel Studios And Ryan Reynolds Tap The Molyneux Sisters To Pen The Sequel

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Sources tell Deadline that Bob’s Burgers veterans Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Loeglin will write Deadpool 3, with Ryan Reynolds set to reprise his role as the wise-cracking Marvel superhero.

In the end, the studio and Reynolds saw the sisters’ take as the perfect fit for what they wanted.

This marks the first Deadpool film where Marvel Studios will work hand and hand with Reynolds and Team Deadpool. »

Income Inequality Is Killing Sports Cars

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In 1990, the median wage for a young man aged 25 to 34 was $21,393 a year.

A base 2019 Miata retailed for $26,500—proportionally stable at roughly 65 percent of the median annual wage.

Facing low wages, huge housing costs and unprecedented debt, young people aren’t rushing to buy new cars. »