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Sunday November 8th, 2020 night edition

image for Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos was the Trump administration’s most elitist do-nothing.

So long, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos!

It was that you were the opposite of qualified, an early example of the Trump administration’s elitist disregard for the very role of government agencies themselves.

You promoted charter and religious schools while ignoring public schools.

You reduced protections for victims of sexual assault, for minority students, for gay and trans students.

The end result: politicizing school reopening as an issue, making it more difficult for schools to open safely.

And you’ve done it all with a haughty, better-than-this attitude that makes clear just how little of a shit you give.

You didn’t give a shit this summer, when you sniffed, “The secretary of education isn’t the nation’s superintendent.” »

Goodbye, Ivanka

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That was the destiny you should have been left to fulfill, with its empty slogans of feminism and faith, equality and motherhood, globalism and environmentalism.

But of course, feminism and faith, equality and motherhood, globalism and environmentalism are real values.

When not just being repurposed to help you hawk midpriced kitten heels, each demands the arduous work of justice. »

Goodbye, Attorney General Bill Barr.

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After a few decades in private practice, Barr then reemerged toward the start of Trump’s presidency, auditioning for his old job.

Barr supported Trump’s baseless calls for a criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton over the Uranium One deal.

This audition worked: Trump tapped Barr for the job in December 2018, securing his confirmation the following February. »

'Every. Single. One.': Ocasio-Cortez Notes Every Democrat Who Backed Medicare for All Won Reelection in 2020

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Every single swing-seat House Democrat who endorsed #MedicareForAll won re-election or is on track to win re-election.

Campaign against progressive policies like Medicare for All and lose elections. — Ryan Knight (@ProudSocialist) November 7, 2020.

And as Ocasio-Cortez added to her tweet about Medicare for All on Saturday: "We're running numbers on [the Green New Deal]" next. »

World leaders rush to congratulate Joe Biden

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World leaders rushed to congratulate Joe Biden on winning a nail-biting US presidential election, despite the fact that President Donald Trump has refused to formally concede.

The first world leader to break the silence, however, was Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, who made no mention of Mr Trump, with whom he had an often-troubled relationship.

“I am honoured and humbled by the trust the American people have placed in me and in Vice President-elect (Kamala) Harris,” Mr Biden said on Twitter. »