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Friday September 4th, 2020 night edition

image for Elon Musk Says Settlers Will Likely Die on Mars. He's Right.

At a conference Monday, Elon Musk said the first Mars settlers have a "good chance" of death.

Yes, settlers will die on Mars—hopefully after a long, satisfying life of exploration.

Earlier this week, Elon Musk said there’s a “good chance” settlers in the first Mars missions will die.

Then there are logistical reasons to talk about potential Mars settlers in, well, actuarial terms.

It follows, statistically, that there’s an almost certain “chance” these settlers will die on Mars, because their lives will continue there until they naturally end.

Musk is referring to accidental death in tough conditions, but people are likely to stay on Mars for the duration either way.

“Good chance you’ll die, it’s going to be tough going,” Musk said , “but it will be pretty glorious if it works out.”. »

Do Street‐Level Bureaucrats Discriminate Based on Religion? A Large‐Scale Correspondence Experiment among American Public School Principals

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This article reports the results from a large‐scale correspondence study of street‐level bureaucrats in the American public school system.

The authors emailed the principals of a large sample of public schools and asked for a meeting, randomly assigning the religious (non)affiliation of the family.

The findings show evidence of substantial discrimination against Muslims and atheists on a par with, and sometimes larger than, the racial discrimination found in previous studies. »

Season 6 Evo Armor Updates

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In Season 6, we made a few big changes to the way our armor works.

First, all armor became Evo Armor.

However, with the introduction of the Evo Armor change, we saw (in our internal playtests) that players were achieving Red Armor (125 shields) more often, and more players were fighting at 225 total health. »

Woman gets results from Comcast only after telling CEO’s mom her son’s company is terrible

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However unlike most of us, Polaneczky happens to know how to get in touch with Suzanne Roberts, the mother of Comcast CEO Brian Roberts.

When Polaneczky recently contacted Mrs. Roberts about problems one of her readers was having with Comcast, she found that she immediately got results.

“Center City couple Diana and Jason Airoldi finally got their Comcast cable and internet hookup after six full weeks of broken appointments by the cable giant,” she explains. »