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Wednesday August 5th, 2020 day edition

image for Disney to release Mulan online Sept. 4 on Disney Plus, for $30 in US

Disney will release its live-action film Mulan online through its Disney Plus service on Sept. 4, but it won't be included as part of a standard subscription.

The company characterized Mulan's release as a onetime deal, though it could serve as an experiment that guides its future release decisions.

"Mulan is a one-off," Disney CEO Bob Chapek said Tuesday during a call that discussed the company's fiscal third-quarter results.

The company will also release Mulan theatrically on Sept. 4 in markets where cinemas are open and where Disney Plus isn't operating yet.

Mulan will bring an a la carte transaction to Disney Plus that its 60 million subscribers haven't yet encountered.

In India, Disney Plus Hotstar is priced at 299 Indian rupees a month, or 999 rupees a year.

In Japan, Disney Plus is 700 yen a month through an exclusive partnership with Japanese telecom company NTT Docomo. »

China Uighurs: A model's video gives a rare glimpse inside internment

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Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption The video Uighur model Merdan Ghappar filmed inside China's detention system.

"Xinjiang has never been an 'East Turkistan'", says an announcement in both Uighur and Chinese from a loudspeaker outside his window.

"When I saw the George Floyd video it reminded me of my nephew's own video," says Merdan's uncle Abdulhakim. »

TIL a Princeton University undergraduate designed an atomic bomb for his term paper. When American nuclear scientists said it would work, the FBI confiscated his paper and classified it. Few months later he was contacted by French and Pakistani officials who offered to buy his design. He got an "A".

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After World War 2, the U.S. government recognized the need for tight control over nuclear energy.

[1] The act was revised in 1954 to further advance the commercial nuclear energy industry, and more tightly control civilian access to nuclear materials and information.

[2] R. Rein "A Princeton Tiger Designs An Atomic Bomb in a Physics Class," People Magazine, 25 Oct 76. »

Los Angeles deputy says colleagues are part of violent gang

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COMPTON, Calif. — A violent gang of Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies who call themselves "The Executioners" control a patrol station in Compton through force, threats, work slowdowns and acts of revenge against those who speak out, a deputy alleges in a legal claim.

On Tuesday, Councilwoman Michelle Chambers said she saw the graffiti at the station as recently as last week.

Gonzalez's June 23 claim was first reported by The Los Angeles Times on Thursday. »