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Friday June 12nd, 2020 evening edition

image for 'To show good faith': Montreal man invites police into his home and ends up handcuffed and bleeding

MONTREAL -- A Black man from Montreal invited three police officers into his apartment after a strange noise complaint, but a video shows them taking him down once inside.

He says he is now sharing the video because he wants people to know what it's like to 'not feel safe.'.

The video shows the police officers taking down Lloys Chatel-Elie inside his apartment, then escorting him out in handcuffs.

When I see the Montreal police, I do not feel safe at all but rather threatened.”.

Montreal police said they could not comment or give any information about specific files.

Chatel-Elie says the entire situation is still mysterious to him, as he hadn’t heard any music or parties nearby that night.

He hasn’t made any formal complaints about his treatment and says he just posted the video to share his experience. »

Zoom says China asked it to censor pro-democracy activists in US and it obeyed

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Zoom said that China “demanded” the company terminate the meetings and host accounts because of the activity, which it deemed illegal.

“Going forward Zoom will not allow requests from the Chinese government to impact anyone outside of mainland China,” the company said.

“China, after all, has a huge market, and we now have measures to counter such actions that are harmful to China,” Wang said. »

Mississippi Woman Charged with ‘Obscene Communications’ After Calling Her Parents ‘Racist’ on Facebook

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According to the Associated Press, the whole ordeal began after the parents took their daughter’s car.

A woman in Mississippi was arrested and charged with “obscene communications” after calling her parents racists on Facebook and allegedly posting some of their personal information.

According to the Clarion Ledger, Schmidt is accused of sharing her parents’ phone numbers and addresses in Facebook groups. »

Customs and Border Protection used money meant for food and medicine on dirt bikes and ATVs, says GAO

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Customs and Border Protection spent parts of a $112 million emergency fund meant to buy food, medicine and other items for migrants on all-terrain vehicles, dirt bikes and boats, according to a Government Accountability Office report published Thursday.

"Instead of helping migrants and improving conditions on the ground, CBP then broke the law by spending this taxpayer money on things that were not authorized — such as ATVs, dirt bikes, and computer systems.".

CBP also used some of the money for facility services, including heating and air conditioning upgrades, sewer system upgrades and janitorial services. »

Climate crisis to blame for $67bn of Hurricane Harvey damage – study

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Conventional economic estimates attributed only about $20bn of the destruction to the direct impacts of global heating.

The researchers say the new tools are a more accurate way of estimating the economic damage caused by climate breakdown.

Being able to attribute these impacts to climate change means being able to convey what climate change really means.”. »