FedEx. More like FedUp.

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image showing FedEx. More like FedUp.

JennyBeckman on May 22nd, 2020 at 22:56 UTC »

Boycott FedEx anyway.

Edit: FedEx is apparently not guilty of firing the men who were racially accosted whilst on the job. They have hired the men from the contractor who fired them and are investigating. Still not a fan of the company but they aren't guilty of what I thought they were guilty of.

Vic_Freeze on May 22nd, 2020 at 23:40 UTC »

FedEx is kinda lazy... I'm an Amazon driver. Amazon isn't great either but I've seen FedEx just do some lazy stuff, like stick boxes in the lobby instead of taking them up to apartments.

TrinixDMorrison on May 23rd, 2020 at 00:33 UTC »

I know not all FedEx drivers are trash but I had some seriously shitty ones at my old place. I remember ordering a PC a few years ago and it was being delivered by FedEx. Tracking info said it’ll deliver on Wednesday by noon, so I took that day off and waited for them. I even parked my ass in the living room instead of my bedroom so I can answer the door the moment they knock so they can’t pull the “Sorry we missed you” bullshit I’ve already grown tired of at that point.

Around 11am I saw a guy in uniform walk past my window but wasn’t carrying anything. I assumed he was here for someone else in the complex, but then I hear a rustling at my door. I jump into action and swing the door open and there he is, Mr. FedEx Delivery Man, literally in the middle of writing a “Sorry we missed you” notice. He looked surprised as hell, and when I asked him what he’s doing his first response was “I thought no one was home”. Apparently his reasoning was that he didn’t want to carry a heavy pc all the way to the door just to bring it all the way back to his truck because he thought no one would be home on a Wednesday afternoon. I told him to get my damn PC and the look he gave me was of pure disgust, like how dare I catch him in a lie and make him do his job? What really makes the story is the time he was writing in the notice; this was around 11am but the time he wrote in was 3:15pm. Like, why lie about something like that?