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Friday May 15th, 2020 day edition

image for Joe Buck: Fox planning to pump in crowd noise, digitize fans for NFL broadcasts

With talk of a return to sports ramping up, fans are wondering what games without fans will look like on TV.

Speaking with Sirius XM’s Andy Cohen, Buck said that plans are already in place for the network’s anticipated NFL broadcasts.

Fox is planning to do its best to simulate a normal atmosphere by pumping in crowd noise and placing digital fans in the stands of empty NFL stadiums.

The Fox Box introduced in 1994 paved the way for the score bugs that have become ubiquitous in sports broadcasts.

Do you want fake fans and crowd noise on your football broadcasts?

Fox also introduced the widely mocked glowing pucks for NHL broadcasts in the 1990s, with the intention of making the puck easier to follow for casual fans.

Whether fans at home will be receptive to fake counterparts in the stands on their broadcasts is yet to be seen. »

Canada wants to extend U.S. travel ban

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Canada is not yet prepared to confront the challenges inherent in reopening the shared border with the United States, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Wednesday, stopping short of confirming that a ban on non-essential travel will be extended to June 21.

In New York, home to fully one-quarter of the U.S. COVID-19 cases, Gov. Andrew Cuomo still has his foot firmly on the brake.

Canada wants to extend U.S. travel ban; PM not yet ready to consider future plan She cited the example of Vancouver International Airport, once one of Canada's largest transborder travel hubs, which is now coming to terms with the fact that its annual passenger load was just cut in half, and likely won't recover even after travel restrictions are lifted. »

140+ Global Leaders Call for Free "People's Vaccine" to Put Human Lives Above Corporate Greed in Fight Against Covid-19

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"Faced with this crisis, we cannot carry on business as usual," Helen Clark, former prime minister of New Zealand, said in a statement.

The global call comes days ahead of the World Health Organization's World Health Assembly.

It must be available to all people, in all countries, free of charge. — Winnie Byanyima (@Winnie_Byanyima) May 14, 2020. »

Disney is Adapting Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson Series for Disney +

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Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series is getting another adaptation: today on Twitter, he and his wife Becky announced that Disney will be making a TV series for its streaming service, Disney +.

Riordan didn’t reveal any additional details beyond the pickup: just that it’ll be coming to the streaming platform in some form.

In a followup statement (via Variety), the author indicated that the project would be a television series:. »