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Thursday May 7th, 2020 morning edition

image for Why ‘Kingdom of Heaven: Director’s Cut’ Is One of Ridley Scott’s Best Movies

In 2005, Ridley Scott released Kingdom of Heaven, his first historical action movie since the Oscar-winning Gladiator.

The two ultimately come to a truce where Balian and his people are allowed to leave in peace in exchange for ceding Jerusalem to Saladin.

As far as action movies go, it’s not a terrible plot, but it’s not really the totality of the story Scott intended to tell.

Due to test screenings and studio fears, Scott took out 45 minutes from what was planned as a historical epic.

They opened the film in the first week of May (just like Gladiator), but the film did not receive the same reception.

It is unquestionably one of the best films Scott has ever made even though it never got a wide theatrical release.

The movie’s ambition exceeds Gladiator‘s by far, but receives less popular attention due to its poor theatrical release. »

Trump attempts to smear coronavirus whistleblower after complaint released: 'I hear bad things about him'

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To me, he seems like a disgruntled employee that's trying to help the Democrats win an election," Mr Trump said on Wednesday.

The president has repeatedly criticised the intelligence community whistleblower whose complaint about the administration's policy for Ukraine eventually led to his impeachment.

Earlier this year, Mr Trump removed intelligence community Inspector General Michael Atkinson, who handed over the Ukraine whistleblower's complaint to Congress, which kicked off the impeachment probe. »

Facebook removes accounts linked to QAnon conspiracy theory

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Facebook says it has removed several groups, accounts and pages linked to QAnon, taking action for the first time against the far-right U.S. conspiracy theory circulated among supporters of President Donald Trump.

In addition to the QAnon accounts, Facebook also removed accounts linked to VDARE, a U.S. website known for posting anti-immigration content, as well as accounts in Russia, Iran, Mauritania, Myanmar and the country of Georgia. »