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Friday February 14th, 2020 morning edition

image for Earth just had hottest January since records began, data shows

Antarctic temperature rises above 20C for first time on record Read more.

The record temperatures in January follow an exceptionally warm 2019, which has been ranked as the second hottest year for the planet’s surface since reliable measurements started.

The past five years and the past decade are the hottest in 150 years of record-keeping, an indication of the gathering pace of the climate crisis.

According to Noaa, the average global land and ocean surface temperature last month was 2.5F (or 1.14C) above the 20th-century average.

The Swedish town of Örebro reached 10.3C, its hottest January temperature since 1858, while Boston experienced its hottest ever January day, at 23C (74F).

Noaa said the four warmest Januaries on record have occurred since 2016, while the 10 warmest Januaries have taken place since 2002.

According to scientists, the world must halve its emissions by 2030 to stand any chance of avoiding disastrous climate breakdown. »

A tiny area of the brain may enable consciousness, says "exhilarating" study

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In a wild new experiment conducted on monkeys, scientists discovered that a tiny, but powerful area of the brain may enable consciousness: the central lateral thalamus.

This brain circuit works as a sort-of “engine for consciousness,” the researchers say, enabling conscious thought and feeling in primates.

More studies — in humans, not primates — are needed to explore how the central lateral thalamus operates in the brain. »

Santa Clarita Diet Deserved a Few More Courses

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This week Hawk Ripjaw takes a look at Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet.

Santa Clarita Diet is the most wholesome show about serial murder that you’re ever going to watch, and it was taken from us far too soon.

There’s really nothing like Santa Clarita Diet, and unless it gets miraculously resurrected like Sheila herself, there probably won’t ever be. »

IRS quietly deletes guideline that Fortnite virtual currency must be reported on tax returns

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However, the IRS did not respond when CNN asked for a statement clarifying the tax treatment of video game currencies.

"[The] definition of virtual currency in IRS guidance would still encompass these," Jerry Brito, executive director at the Coin Center, a virtual currency think tank, wrote on Twitter after the changes on Wednesday.

According to the instructions for Schedule 1 , taxpayers will need to answer yes if they have engaged in a transaction involving virtual currency; if they have received any amount of virtual currency for free; have exchanged virtual currency for goods or services; have sold virtual currency; or have exchanged virtual currency for other property, including other virtual currency. »