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Monday December 16th, 2019 day edition

image for In reversal, Hallmark will reinstate same-sex marriage ads

In reversal, Hallmark will reinstate same-sex marriage ads The Hallmark Channel says it will reinstate commercials featuring same-sex couples that it had pulled from the network.

Under pressure from a conservative advocacy group, The Hallmark Channel has pulled the ads for wedding-planning website Zola that featured same-sex couples, including two brides kissing.

NEW YORK -- The Hallmark Channel, reversing what it called a “wrong decision,” said Sunday it will reinstate commercials featuring same-sex couples that it had pulled following a complaint from a conservative group.

Celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres and William Shatner criticized the move and the hashtag #BoycottHallmarkChannel was trending on Twitter at one point.

In an email to The Associated Press, the company said it would be in touch with Hallmark “regarding a potential return to advertising.”.

After Hallmark pulled those ads, but not two featuring only opposite-sex couples, Zola withdrew its remaining ads. »

Erdogan Threatens To Recognize Genocide Of Native Americans

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ANKARA (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 16th December, 2019) The Turkish president threatened Sunday to recognize mass killings of Native Americans during the colonial period as genocide after the US Senate applied the label to Armenian murders by Ottoman Turks.

It is a shameful moment in the US history," Tayyip Erdogan told A Haber news channel.

The United States denies that native populations of North America had experienced genocide, even in controversial cases like the Sand Creek Massacre and the Long Walk of the Navajo. »

Trump is just 67 votes away from being an ex-President and it's freaking him out

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(CNN) Hillary Clinton's nearly 66 million votes in the 2016 election weren't enough to defeat Donald Trump.

In such a trial, the Constitution simply requires two-thirds of the Senate , in this case 67 senators, to vote to convict and remove -- then it's goodbye Trump.

Even the most secure of US presidents would be unnerved at the prospect that their political demise is only 67 votes away. »

Ozil row sees Arsenal-Manchester City pulled from China state TV

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Arsenal's Premier League game against Manchester City did not show on state-run Chinese Central Television (CCTV) on Sunday following comments made by Mesut Ozil that criticised China's treatment of its Muslim Uighur minority.

Arsenal, who lost the match 3-0 to City, attempted to distance themselves from Ozil's comments following the reaction in Chinese media.

The Global Times, run by the Chinese Communist Party, ran a headline saying: "Ozil., you are worse than Morey! »