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Wednesday December 11st, 2019 evening edition

image for You could spend $52,199 on Apple's newest computer before you even add a screen

Apple CEO Tim Cook announces the new Mac Pro.

Apple's newest desktop computer, the Mac Pro, is available now.

It starts at $5,999 but if you want to fully upgrade it, you'll spend $52,199.

If you want the fancy 32-inch Retina 6K Pro Display XDR screen that Apple sells for the Mac Pro, expect to pay another $4,999, and that's before the optional $999 Pro stand.

Instead, it's meant for video, audio and photography professionals who want as much power as possible from an Apple computer.

If you're in that market, you can buy the Mac Pro now with delivery as soon as next week. »

Netflix Ordered to Stop Poaching Fox Employees

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A court on Tuesday issued an injunction barring Netflix from poaching employees from Fox and confirming the validity of fixed-term employment agreements.

The ruling marks a hard-fought victory for Fox — now owned by Disney — which set out three years ago to stop Netflix from raiding its employees.

Netflix had sought to invalidate Fox’s fixed-term employment contracts, arguing that they locked employees into jobs they no longer wanted. »

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez auf Twitter: "Puppies aren’t separated from their moms until ~8 weeks. Less than that is thought of as harmful or abusive. One of the most common lengths of US paid family lea

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