Rebooked my train ticket from Paris to be back home in the Netherlands earlier because good conditions were predicted. I was not disappointed. (1920x1280)[OC]

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image showing Rebooked my train ticket from Paris to be back home in the Netherlands earlier because good conditions were predicted. I was not disappointed. (1920x1280)[OC]

cryptodesign on December 2nd, 2019 at 14:09 UTC »

Before you guys slam me for the caption of this image and calling it the next level of the /r/earthporn manual, here's the story :D

This image was taken yesterday after sunset and no, the heather was not blooming. It has the autumn reds enhanced by the colour in the sky.Yesterday morning I was still in Paris with my girlfriend. The weather forecast in the Netherlands looked great with beautiful foggy conditions predicted for the whole Sunday. Initially I wouldn't be home until evening but we decided to rebook our train tickets to be home earlier to I could still do some shooting potentially. I arrived home around 12 in the afternoon, drove out and tried to find the fog to shoot some autumn scenes. The fog was unfortunately not really dense and I struggled to find something worth photographing.

I decided to just enjoy the later part of the day in the heather areas in the centre of the country. I didn't really think I was still gonna get a nice shot. The sky looked grey with not much fog around and I just took a walk to do some scouting. Close to sunset the sun peaked below the clouds. I was not in a hurry and simply enjoyed the last sunlight. But at the moment of sunset I saw the sky started to burn. On top of that fog was quickly forming by the sudden temperature drop. And the moon rose as well. Suddenly, out of nowhere the whole scene unfolded itself in front of my eyes. All the tourists had already left the area and I was left all by myself.

Like it was meant to be I set up my tripod, framed a typical tree and took my shots. I stayed a whole until an hour after sunset and the fog got really dense. The atmosphere was suddenly really magical. I came home with a shot I totally didn't expect to take. I've been in this area countless of times but never took an autumn shot like this. It almost looks like the heather is blooming. Was it worth rebooking my train ticket from Paris? I'd like to think so :)

Technical info: Shot on Sony A7RIV with Tamron 28-75 FE at 31mm. Focus stacked so the foreground is completely sharp. EXIF: f/11 (4 shots), 1 second each (was already quite dark), ISO 200

you can find more of my work on my website or instagram.

EDIT: For the people saying this shot is over edited or saying 'this is not the Netherlands' I would like to say a couple of things: I am a professional photographer chasing these moments 24/7. Theres only a handful of times in my life that I can shoot photos with optimal conditions. People who don't have time for this have probably never seen these areas in combination with these conditions in their life. So simply saying 'its fake' is a bit disrespecting to me and my work. Unfortunately it happens a lot. Some shots (like the panorama of an erupting volcano with Milky Way here on reddit) get a lot of criticism and people calling them fake. I spent months planning this shot and a great deal of effort to execute it. I've learned how to deal with internet criticism but I can still get touched by it every time.

Of course I edit my shots. I use Photoshop. But I try to keep the moment that I experienced in real life. I try to transfer that moment into a photograph. Sometimes the moment in real life is even more surreal than the photo could ever show. Yes, my style is saturated. But I can assure you these rare moments can be colourful in real life as well.

Oh and feel free to check out the ORIGINAL. I really have nothing to hide. Just is just 1 exposure. I took more exposures to focus stack and 1 darker one for the sky. You can call it 'over edited'. This is no problem for me. I enhanced to photo to match the moment. Sometimes I push it a bit, I guess that's my style. Fee free to give constructive criticism but simply calling things fake or insulting me is a different thing.

I sometimes see photoshopped and composited milky ways in this sub and don't hear anyone complain about it. So to me its a bit weird that people are trying to put me down for editing a photo and not removing/adding anything 'fake'. To me photography is art, but I try to keep the moment in the photo like how it was in real life. I just wanted to put this out there for all the people immediately saying 'fake' or 'the Netherlands does never look like that'. Maybe in your life it never does, but in my life, it does for a couple of times a year.

Thanks for the attention.

DrStark8 on December 2nd, 2019 at 15:18 UTC »

Wakanda forever!

delugetheory on December 2nd, 2019 at 15:21 UTC »

I was about to call OP out for reposting one of the all-time top posts on r/EarthPorn and claiming it as their own, so I did a search for 'Netherlands' and it turns out that this is not the same photo, the photo I was thinking of was also taken by OP, and OP is the king of Netherlands photos on r/EarthPorn. 😆