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Saturday November 23rd, 2019 evening edition

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Types of diamonds found at Crater of Diamonds State Park...

Perfect summer activity at Crater of Diamonds State Park... Diamond Discovery Center at Crater of Diamonds State Park... Digging for finders keepers diamonds ... Uncut Esperanza diamond found at Crater of Diamonds State Park... Crater of Diamonds State Park Search Field... Diamond Springs Water Park at Crater of Diamonds State Park...

Visitor Information Center & Gift Shop... Digging for diamonds at Crater of Diamonds State Park... What to know.

You may bring your own mining equipment to search with (no battery-operated or motor driven mining tools allowed), or rent tools from the park.

Your diamond search begins here , where you can prepare for your visit by learning about diamonds and how to search for them.

Park staff provide complimentary identification or rocks and minerals found at the park, as well as diamond mining demonstrations and other interpretive programs.

More than 33,100 diamonds have been found by park visitors since the Crater of Diamonds became an Arkansas state park in 1972. »

Delay of Gratification in Kids and Crows

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In children, the capacity to delay gratification develops between the ages of three and five years old.

There are lots of different ways to study delay of gratification (you may have heard of the marshmallow test with kids).

Crows, however, performed better when the immediate reward was visible than when the delayed reward was visible. »

Would-Be Chinese Defector Details Covert Campaigns in Hong Kong and Taiwan

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With the elections in Taiwan, for example, Mr. Wang described how the separate branches of China’s military divided up their labors.

His statement did not explain how such a large sum of money failed to be noticed or raise alarms.

One clue from his statement is that he studied to be a painter, winning awards in Anhui Province in eastern China. »

Beck: "I'm Not a Scientologist"

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Beck has disavowed himself from the Church of Scientology.

In an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald promoting his new record Hyperspace, Beck clarified that he is not a church member nor does he subscribe to Scientology beliefs.

Beck and the Church of Scientology did not immediately respond to a request for comment. »

'The Batman' Casts John Turturro as Crime Boss Carmine Falcone

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Reeves has assembled a sprawling cast for The Batman, which will be led by Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne.

Zoe Kravitz is set to play Catwoman, Paul Dano is playing Riddler and Colin Farrell is on board as the Penguin.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey Wright will play Batman ally Commissioner Gordon, while Andy Serkis is appearing as his trusted butler, Alfred. »