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Tuesday October 29th, 2019 morning edition

image for Soldiers’ bottled water consumption is unsustainable in the next war, Army report says

“This means that in expeditionary warfare, the Army will need to supply itself with more water.

The Army’s brigade combat teams depend heavily on bottled water, which in turn relies on a costly logistics train.

At one forward operating base in Iraq during the 2000s, more than 864,000 bottles of water were consumed each month, with that number doubling during hotter months, according to the study.

An Air Force JTAC offers Afghan children bottles of water after completing a mission in Khanda village, Laghman province, Afghanistan.

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“The additional units needed to support them creates an unsupportable logistical footprint and reduces the speed of the combat units.”.

The study cites the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris climate accords as having “elicited strong reactions in the developed world.”. »

Apple reveals new AirPods Pro, available October 30

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AirPods Pro join the existing AirPods line in delivering an unparalleled wireless audio experience.

The magical setup experience customers love with today’s AirPods extends to AirPods Pro.

To further maximize comfort, AirPods Pro use an innovative vent system to equalize pressure, minimizing the discomfort common in other in-ear designs. »

Hollywood will stop making reboots when you stop paying for them

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In the world of TV, networks and streaming platforms have brought back shows like Gilmore Girls, Full House and Will and Grace.

Creating original content is a costly risk not many studios are willing to take these days.

I get angry that something from my childhood is being remade, but I'm the first in line to see it. »

Canadians ‘drowning in debt’ as 47% struggle to cover costs: MNP

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On average, respondents to the survey said they had $557 left after paying their monthly bills and obligations, marking a decrease of $142 from June.

“Still, the fact remains that many are drowning in debt and most don’t have a clear path to repayment.".

The MNP survey of 2,002 Canadians was compiled by Ipsos from Sept. 4 to Sept. 9. »

Nunes Aide Is Leaking the Ukraine Whistleblower’s Name, Sources Say

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From there, Harvey became a crucial aide to Nunes, a pivotal Flynn and Trump ally.

A former Nunes staffer who now works on the NSC, Kash Patel, gave Trump damaging information about Ukraine, Politico recently reported.

That inspector general, Michael Atkinson, has said in letters to top lawmakers that the whistleblower’s complaint was credible and urgent. »