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Wednesday September 25th, 2019 night edition

image for Is Your Smartphone Listening to Your Conversations?

“Smartphones are small tracking devices,” Michelle De Mooy, Acting Director of the Center for Democracy and Technology’s Privacy & Data Project, told Digital Trends.

“We may not think of them like that because they’re very personal devices — they travel with us, they sleep next to us.

If you doubt that, and you’re a user of Google services, take a minute and visit this link.

If you’re logged into your Google account, it will show all your activity across Google’s services, from Chrome and Search to Android and YouTube.

If you’ve ever used voice search on Google, you’ll see a list of audio recordings that you can play back and listen to right now.

If you worry that your smartphone might be listening to your conversations, you’re not alone.

But companies are certainly applying algorithms to look for patterns and determine potentially useful things about your behaviors and interests. »

Impostor Syndrome is more common than you think; Study finds best way to cope with it

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The impostor syndrome, a phenomenon that manifests when people feel like frauds even if they are actually capable and well-qualified, affects people both in the workplace and in the classroom.

However, if the student “reached out” to family, friends outside their major, or even professors, perceptions of impostorism were reduced.

Along with seeking social support, the study also uncovered negative ways students coped with impostorism. »

Supreme Court: Suspending Parliament was unlawful, judges rule

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Boris Johnson's decision to suspend Parliament for five weeks was unlawful, the Supreme Court has ruled.

The court ruling does not prevent him from proroguing again in order to hold one, as long as it does not stop Parliament carrying out its duties "without reasonable justification".

And the court has quashed both his advice to the Queen and the Order in Council which officially suspended parliament. »

Are We at a Climate Change Turning Point? Obama’s EPA Chief Thinks So

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I think everybody has different views on why that’s the case, but clearly, the science is getting more urgent.

They don’t seem to have the same kind of reluctance to embrace the science, and they’re seeing that it is their future that is at stake.

It’s very hard now to ignore it and to think it’s anything like business as usual—because it really isn’t. »