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Monday September 9th, 2019 day edition

image for Trump Raids Funds Meant to Deter Russia to Pay for His Wall

From 2014 to 2019, the Deterrence Initiative’s budget ballooned from $1 billion to $6.5 billion; Trump himself has pushed for increases to the program in his budget proposals.

The messaging is bad, and it’s compounded with all the other bad things Trump has done to harm relations with Europe.”.

But Polyakova argued that the move adds to a growing trust deficit between the U.S. and Europe in the Trump era.

Already, the administration is withholding $250 million in annual military aid to Ukraine that is intended to deter Russia, sparking bipartisan frustration on Capitol Hill.

“You have this, withholding aid from Ukraine, the sanctions policy on Russia, it’s really confusing if you’re in Kiev or Warsaw.”.

“They were looking for easy targets,” said Farkas of the administration’s raiding of European deterrence funds.

“There is no natural constituency for overseas projects, so it seems to be the least politically painful way to go. »

Most doctors think Obamacare opened up healthcare access, study says

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Sept. 6 (UPI) -- Most doctors think Obamacare has helped patients get better healthcare, even as a lengthy court battle threatens to strike down the law, new findings show.

Roughly 20 million people in the United States got coverage through the Affordable Care Act once the law was passed in 2012.

About 53 percent of doctors thought the Affordable Care Act "would turn healthcare in the right direction" five years following its launch. »

‘The whole system is rotten. We want to tear it down’: Hong Kong protests blaze on

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Local residents join in and hurl insults at the Hong Kong police officers as protests continue in Hong Kong.

Trump also — perhaps inadvertently — echoed Chinese rhetoric on Hong Kong protests by calling them “riots” and affirming that Hong Kong is a domestic Chinese problem.

"Hong Kong is a part of China; they’ll have to deal with that themselves,” he said to reporters in August. »