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Wednesday August 28th, 2019 night edition

image for Angela Merkel Snorts as Donald Trump Says He Has 'German in My Blood'

President Donald Trump has been mocked after remarking that he has German in his blood while expressing excitement over a proposed future trip to Germany.

Trump made the comments during a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, prompting the veteran leader to raise her eyebrows and seemingly laugh at the president's reference to his German ancestry.

Though Merkel has publicly ruled out remaining in politics after what will have been more than 15 years in office, Trump suggested the chancellor may surprise observers and be around "for a long time.".

A reporter asked Merkel whether she had invited Trump for a bilateral visit to Germany, to which the chancellor said she had done so "on previous occasions.".

Trump added, "We'll be there...we're very honored by the invitation—and that's true—and we will be there.

He then declared: "I have German in my blood," eliciting raised eyebrows and a snort of laughter from the chancellor.

Merkel is clearly very excited about the prospect of Trump visiting — Marcel Dirsus (@marceldirsus) August 26, 2019. »

The Remarkable Story of a Woman Who Preserved Over 30 Years of TV History

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About 71,000 VHS and Betamax cassettes are sitting in boxes, stacked 50-to-a-pallet in the Internet Archive’s physical storage facility in Richmond, California, waiting to be digitized.

In 1975, Stokes got a Betamax magnetic videotape recorder and began recording bits of sitcoms, science documentaries, and political news coverage.

She funneled these funds into her recording project and the massive storage space she required as the sole force behind it. »

Machines changing votes: Reports of problems in MS primary runoff

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Tuesday morning, Facebook user Sally Kate Walker posted a video showing what appeared to be a touch-screen machine changing someone's selection from Bill Waller Jr. to Tate Reeves.

MORE ELECTION PROBLEMS: 'It's a hell of a big mess:' Hinds GOP chairman says Democrats improperly voting in Republican runoff.

According to a comment Walker made under the video, the malfunction happened at the Burgess voting precinct in Oxford. »

North Dakota Farmer Says If Trump 'Doesn't Lose 100 Percent' of His Farm-belt Support Over Trade War 'People Are Kind of Crazy'

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Bob Kuylen, a wheat and sunflower farmer from South Heart, North Dakota, says he has endured a tough time since Trump came into office, including losses of up to $400,000.

A farmer of 40 years' standing, Kuylen did not vote for Trump in the last election.

Earlier in August, Ohio soybean farmer Christopher Gribbs said the trade spat meant he would not vote for Trump again. »