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Tuesday August 20th, 2019 morning edition

image for Perv who snapped pics of woman in dressing room turns out to be high-ranking Mormon church official

Stephen Murdock was arrested on Tuesday after police say he took the photos at an H&M store in a mall at Opry Mills.

According to the report, Murdock’s wife begged the victim not to call the police after the incident.

As Fox 17 first reported on Wednesday, Murdock approached the female victim and “guided” her to a dressing room in the clothing store, apparently pretending to be a store employee.

Once inside the dressing room, the woman noticed a black object in the corner and soon realized it was a camera pointed directly at her.

As she quickly got dressed and tried to get someone to call the police, she noticed Murdock emerge from the dressing room next to her.

As she confronted him, she noticed that he was deleting pictures from his phone, some of which were of her.

“I thought somebody was just messing with me,” she said, adding that she thought Murdock was a store employee when he directed her to the dressing room. »

Bernie Sanders calls for a ban on police use of facial recognition

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Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has called for a complete ban on the police use of facial recognition as part of his campaign’s broader plan for criminal justice reform.

If elected president, Sanders specifically pledges to “ban the use of facial recognition software for policing.”

Sanders is the first presidential candidate to call for an outright ban on police use of facial recognition, although a number of other Democratic candidates have expressed concerns about how the technology is being used. »

Daniel Pantaleo, Officer Who Held Eric Garner in Chokehold, Is Fired

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The mayor also sought to calm police officers angered by Officer Pantaleo’s firing, urging New Yorkers to thank them for their efforts.

He called on Governor Andrew M. Cuomo to remove Mr. de Blasio and Commissioner O’Neill from office for reckless leadership.

Officer Pantaleo’s lawyer, Stuart London, said his client plans to sue in state Supreme Court to be reinstated. »

Trump drops support for enhanced background checks two weeks after mass shootings – ThinkProgress

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But on Sunday, not long after he initially showed support for enhanced background checks, the president suddenly reversed course, suggesting any momentum for passing any meaningful legislation to curb gun violence may have already dissipated.

Later during the gaggle, a reporter pressed Trump on his specific position on background checks.

Asked again about his own position on background checks, Trump replied, “I’m not saying anything.”. »

Taiwan leader lauds Cathay CEO for listing se...

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Instead of betraying his employees and endangering their safety, he only provided a list of one name -- his own.

This prompted many Hong Kong netizens to praise him with comments such as "We must remember this gentleman's name: Mr. Rupert Hogg!".

Under the heading "True warriors show the noblest glory of human nature when facing great decisions," Wang wrote the following tribute to Hogg:. »