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Saturday August 3rd, 2019 evening edition

image for A super-thin slice of wood can be used to turn saltwater drinkable

Filtering the salt from seawater can take a lot of energy or specialised engineering.

A thin membrane made of porous wood may be able to fix that.

Jason Ren at Princeton University in New Jersey and his colleagues developed a new kind of membrane made of natural wood instead of plastic.

“If you think of traditional water filtration, you need very high-pressure pumping to squeeze the water through, so it uses a lot of energy,” says Ren.

“This is more energy efficient and it doesn’t use fossil-fuel based materials like many other membranes for water filtration.”.

One side of the membrane is heated so that when water flows over that side it is vapourised.

This method filters about 20 kilograms of water per square metre of membrane per hour, which is not quite as quick as polymer membranes. »

DARPA Is Building a $10 Million, Open Source, Secure Voting System

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“We will show a methodology that could be used by others to build a voting system that is completely secure.”.

But the idea to create a secure voting system didn’t come from Kiniry; it came from DARPA.

“It’s normal, open source voting system software, which just happens to be running on top of those secure CPUs,” said Kiniry. »

'Moscow Mitch' McConnell is Now a Ben Folds Song

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Now singer-songwriter Ben Folds has turned it into a new song.

WATCH: Musician Ben Folds unveils new song 'Moscow Mitch,' inspired by @JoeNBC's coining of the phrase.

The nickname doesn't appear to be going away anytime soon, with Folds' song causing #MoscowMitch to trend again online. »