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Tuesday June 25th, 2019 evening edition

image for Americans' plastic recycling is dumped in landfills, investigation shows

A Guardian investigation reveals that cities around the country are no longer recycling many types of plastic dropped into recycling bins.

Analysis of US export records shows that the equivalent of 19,000 shipping containers of plastic recycling per month, once exported abroad, is now stranded at home.

Show Hide Every plastic item is given a number from 1-7 to signify the kind of plastic it is made from.

“In the past, recycling facilities would focus on separating plastics with the most value, but most other plastic items would go into a mixed plastic bale.

The China ban revealed an uncomfortable truth about plastic recycling, Skye said: much of this plastic was never possible to recycle at all.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest While plastic bottles still retain value, many other types of plastic have virtually no domestic market.

Her organization recently helped establish a carpet recycling program in California to require the carpet industry to pay for the collection and recycling of plastic carpet fiber. »

Iran says Trump’s White House ‘afflicted by mental retardation’ in protest at sanctions

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Iranian president Hassan Rouhani has said the White House is “afflicted by mental retardation” after the Trump administration imposed sanctions on the country’s supreme leader.

"You sanction the foreign minister simultaneously with a request for talks," he said, adding: "The White House is afflicted by mental retardation and does not know what to do.".

Tensions high as Trump approves new Iran sanctions: In pictures Show all 17 left Created with Sketch. »

The President And The Mole People

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John Quincy Adams (1767-1848) American diplomat and Sixth President of the United States of America 1825-1829. c1848.

Believe it or not, John Quincy Adams, our sixth president, authorized an expedition to the center of the earth to search for the mole people who he believed inhabited the bowels of the planet.

John Quincy Adams, the son of our second president, John Adams, was interested in science and nature and had a passion for exploration. »

Music students do better in school than non-musical peers

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High school students who take music courses score significantly better on math, science and English exams than their non-musical peers, according to a new study published in the Journal of Educational Psychology.

Students who studied at least one instrumental music course in the regular curriculum counted as students taking music.

The findings suggest skills learned in instrumental music transfer very broadly to the students’ learning in school. »

‘Biblical Flat Earth Society’ founder is charged with 56 counts of child exploitation

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Fundamentalist Christian and self-proclaimed founder of the “Biblical Flat Earth Society,” Phillip Stephen Stallings, was arrested this week and charged with 56 counts of child sexual exploitation, as reported by local news station WTDV.

Stallings faces 28 counts of second-degree sexual exploitation of a minor and 28 counts of third-degree sexual exploitation of a minor after being caught with child pornography.

His website also espouses that there is an Illuminati conspiracy to cover up the truth about the flat earth, which relates to ancient sun-worshipping cults. »