EXCLUSIVE! Jenelle Evans’ Son Kaiser Removed from Her Home by CPS: Get the Details!

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Jenelle Evans is having a very bad week.

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that the recently-fired Teen Mom 2 star had her son Kaiser removed from her care on Friday. The boy– whom she shares with Nathan Griffith— was picked up on Friday by a family member.

The Ashley’s sources tell her that the detective that’s currently investigating Jenelle’s husband David Eason for the brutal murder of Jenelle’s dog earlier this month was the one who called CPS and recommended that Kaiser not return to The Land.

“CPS authorized a family member to get Kaiser from his daycare on Friday,” the source said.

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The Ashley is not sure of all the details, but she has been told that there was no new incident that caused CPS to become involved, except for the phone call from the detective.

“Kaiser will likely be staying away from The Land until CPS can get things sorted out,” the source added. “A judge will be given the case today to sign off on, at least for the foreseeable future.”

As The Ashley previously reported, Nathan has been fighting for custody of his son for almost a year, and is due to face Jenelle in court on May 30 to begin their custody battle for Kaiser.

As The Ashley told you last week, Jenelle’s other son Jace is being kept away from The Land by her mother Barbara Evans, who has custody of the boy. After Barb learned about David killing the family dog, she has refused to allow Jace to be around David.

Jenelle has yet to publicly mention Kaiser being removed, and was fairly quiet over the weekend on social media, only posting to Instagram some videos of her daughter Ensley on the The Land with her. She did post a photo of Ensley and Kaiser together; however, it must have been a throwback pic, as Kaiser has not been on The Land since Friday.

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Currently, Jenelle and David’s daughter, Ensley, is still in their care. David’s 11-year-old daughter Maryssa is as well, as David has full legal custody of her, and has since 2017.

The Ashley will have more details soon.

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UPDATE! CPS is now reportedly looking into the welfare of Jenelle and David’s daughter Ensley, as well as David’s daughter Maryssa! Click here for more details!

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spookyookydoo on May 13rd, 2019 at 17:03 UTC »

Holy shit. I’ll admit, I never expected this to actually happen. What about Ensley and Maryssa?

This would be the time to leave David and care about your kids, Jenelle.

sparrow664 on May 13rd, 2019 at 17:03 UTC »

I bet he really did witness the dog murder 😢

noakai on May 13rd, 2019 at 17:03 UTC »

Who do you think the "family member" was, Doris? And LOL at Jenelle posting an old pic of Kaiser when he wasn't there cause freaking CPS removed him. Trash. Please let this be permanent and not just for a few days.