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Friday April 26th, 2019 evening edition

image for Hugh Grant Talks Turning Down TV, Movies, and Marriage but Says He Only Regrets One

Actor Hugh Grant made his Stern Show debut on Wednesday morning to talk to Howard about his new film "Florence Foster Jenkins."

He told Howard that when it comes to his love life, he doesn't see the need to settle down with one woman.

But Howard wondered if it was weird that one of the biggest names in romantic comedies had such a unique opinion on romance.

For a time, Hugh Grant decided he would go it alone in Hollywood, doing away with all agents, managers, and other representation.

Hugh said he created a voice for his fake agent, putting on a Scottish accent while talking to others.

While he wouldn't say which movie it was that he turned down, he told Howard that it was not "Titanic.".

"The honest truth is, I probably wouldn't have been as good as the guy who did it," Hugh said. »

Dark-matter detector observes exotic nuclear decay

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Majorana neutrinos mediate a type of nuclear decay called neutrinoless double-β decay, an example of which is neutrinoless double electron capture.

A crucial step towards observing this decay is to detect its standard-model equivalent: two-neutrino double electron capture.

The electromagnetic force and gravitational force, which we encounter in daily life, are long-range and can act over large distances. »

Teens prefer harm reduction messaging on substance use

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But a new study from researchers at the University of British Columbia and University of Calgary is showing the way forward.

“Teens told us that they generally tuned out abstinence-only or zero-tolerance messaging because it did not reflect the realities of their life,” said Jenkins.

“Either they or their peers were already using substances, or substance use was happening in their own family circles.”. »