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Friday April 19th, 2019 evening edition

image for Sir David Attenborough documentary has viewers in TEARS over orangutan's plight

Viewers of David Attenborough's new BBC documentary were moved to tears over the heartbreaking battle between an orangutan and a bulldozer sent to destroy its home.

Climate Change: The Facts told how the soaring demand for palm oil was leading to large scale deforestation with large areas of rainforest being ripped down and replaced with palm oil plantations.

Cameras captured the moment a desperate orangutan tried to shove a bulldozer as it tore down trees in its path.

Throughout the documentary, Sir David and his team of experts aimed to highlight the damaging effects climate change is having on the planet.

They showed vast areas of rainforests being cleared and burned to be replaced with palm oil plantations - as consumer demand for the product increases.

Palm oil is found in many household products from soap to shampoo to crisps.

The hour long documentary is part of the Our Planet Matters season on the BBC. »

Rob Dawson auf Twitter: "Solskjaer not holding back at his press conference this morning. Said there is "no hiding place" at United and that some of his players "need a reality check" about their leve

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'Whimsical, uninformed': French ambassador's parting verdict on Trump

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The outgoing French ambassador to the US has compared the Trump administration to the court of King Louis XIV, filled with courtiers trying to interpret the caprices of a “whimsical, unpredictable, uninformed” leader.

It’s really [about] bilateral relationships on the basis of the balance of power and the defence of narrow American interest.”.

“And when the British come for a free-trade agreement, there will be blood on the walls and it will be British blood. »

Facebook waited until the Mueller report dropped to tell us millions of Instagram passwords were exposed

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While just about every reporter was poring over the document, Facebook updated a blog post from March indicating that passwords had been exposed, stored as readable text (as opposed to securely encrypted), for hundreds of millions of Facebook users and thousands of Instagram users.

It added a new paragraph to the middle of the post today indicating that a lot more Instagram users were affected than it originally thought:.

Facebook said it would notify the impacted users and that there’s no evidence that anyone within or outside Facebook had access to the passwords. »