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Monday March 18th, 2019 morning edition

image for Opinion | It Isn’t Complicated: Trump Encourages Violence

Trump combined lies about his political opponents — Democrats who need to be investigated (for made-up scandals) — with allusions to a patriotic, violent response by ordinary citizens.

The United States, thank goodness, does not have armed citizen militias carrying out regular attacks, as those other countries did.

“Violent talk can, at minimum, encourage lone-wolf violence,” Steven Levitsky, Ziblatt’s co-author and a Harvard political scientist, said.

“It can also slowly normalize political violence, turning discourse and ideas that were once unsayable and even unthinkable into things that are sayable and thinkable.”.

In the Bright Light Watch survey of political scientists late last year, only 49 percent said the United States did not tolerate political violence, a notable decline from earlier levels.

It isn’t very complicated: The man with the world’s largest bully pulpit keeps encouraging violence and white nationalism.

Lo and behold, white-nationalist violence is on the rise. »

Daniel Radcliffe: I turned to alcohol to cope with fear of failure and fame

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The former Harry Potter star says he quit alcohol in 2010 because excessive drinking had been 'unhealthy and damaging'.

Daniel Radcliffe has revealed he sometimes turned up to shoot Harry Potter films still drunk from the night before in a new interview.

"People don't shout Harry Potter at me now, they tend to know my name, which is lovely," said Radcliffe. »

America's obsession with trucks and SUVs is helping push car loan payments to a 10-year high

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The average car loan payment just hit a decade high, according to Experian data first reported by Automotive News.

In 4Q18, the average new car loan in the US was $545 per month and $387 per month on average for a used vehicle.

One driver of that is the ever-increasing American interest in SUVs, trucks, and crossovers, Edmunds manager of industry analysis Jeremy Acevedo said. »

Nintendo Direct Speculation |OT|

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I’ve said it earlier on what we could expect from Nintendo’s E3 in some capacity be it in their direct or Treehouse.

Could be anything but my guess is Mario x Rayman team up 3D platformer.- Square is bringing KH 1.5 and 2.5 to Switch.- Astral Chain.

Ok, maybe not 20 minutes but it should be the longest trailer at E3.- For closer: Microsoft. »

Democrats hit the gas on Net neutrality bill

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Rep. Mike Doyle, who's shepherding the Democrats' bill in the House of Representatives to restore the Obama-era net neutrality protections, says he's not waiting for Republican support before bringing the proposed legislation to a vote.

Doyle: Republicans made no effort to come to me to say let's sit down and work together on a net neutrality bill.

I don't know the president's personal views on net neutrality, I would assume that like most Americans he's for it. »