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Saturday March 9th, 2019 day edition

image for Trump Is Autographing Bibles Now So That's a Wrap on Humanity, Right?

Donald Trump, President of the United States and Professional Twitter Bully, spent some time in Alabama today greeting people and autographing items, among them hats, $100 bills, and Bibles.

President Trump is signing bibles for volunteers and survivors at a Baptist church in Alabama. — Josh Dawsey (@jdawsey1) March 8, 2019.

At one point, they stopped into a Baptist church and things, well, went completely off the rails.

Someone actually handed a Bible to Donald Trump and asked him to put his scribble on it.

Donald Trump, the man who opted out of saying the Apostle's Creed at President Bush's funeral.

Also surprising: Donald Trump, who is a pointed example in many a Sunday morning sermon, agreed to sign a Bible. »

How to Parent Like a Scandinavian

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Most young children seemed to be either glued to a screen at home or being drilled with academics at preschool.

When I went outside for daily walks with my baby in the winter, people took pity on us and offered me rides.

Parents report that babies take longer and deeper naps when they sleep comfortably bundled up outside in the cold, and most felt the practice was healthy because of the fresh air, according to one Finnish study. »

YouTube will soon tell you that the world isn't flat, vaccines work, and other obvious truths

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According to BuzzFeed, YouTube is testing out a new feature which shows fact-check warnings when searching for content known to spread misinformation.

A spokesperson from YouTube told BuzzFeed: "As part of our ongoing efforts to build a better news experience on YouTube, we are expanding our information panels to bring fact checks from eligible publishers to YouTube.".

If you disagree, you can scroll right past it just like you can ignore the warnings on a cigarette carton. »

Apple Will Start Making AR Glasses As Soon As the End of 2019

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Kuo says that the glasses won’t have their own graphics processor or CPU, rather relaying on a connected iOS device to drive the AR experience.

Apple’s AR glasses will only carry a display, camera sensors, and wireless connectivity electronics, making them lighter and less battery hungry than Hololens 2 and other headsets.

The analyst note is the latest of many breadcrumbs that indicate Apple has been working and refining the AR glasses for a while. »

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez auf Twitter: "I find it revealing when people mock where I came from, & say they’re going to “send me back to waitressing,” as if that is bad or shameful. It’s as though they

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