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Saturday January 5th, 2019 night edition

image for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, criticized for college dance video, responds with more dancing

Wait till they find out Congresswomen dance too!

Have a great weekend everyone :) — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) January 4, 2019.

@Ocasio2018 is talking about the problem with cash bail while cutting chipotle chilis and making dinner.

If I walked into Congress wearing a sack, they would laugh & take a picture of my backside.

Some also said the video made her more relatable.The freshman representative responded to critics Friday by releasing another dancing video.

"Dark hates light - that's why you tune it out," she posted in response to that tweet about her clothes.

"A similar fate befell the person who originally tweeted out the dancing video: It appears that @AnonymousQ1776 has deleted their account. »

J.K. Rowling reveals that wizards used to just shit on the floor, like dogs

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and the revelation that Rowling’s Pottermore site made today, when it decided, for reasons unknown to either man or magic, to announce that wizards used to just shit on the floor, like dogs.

And okay: If we really try, we can kind of see Rowling’s point here.

Won’t they *ahhhhh* protest once they realize we intend to break the sanctions on *ahh* gremlin smuggling amongst the doogins? »

What Lives in Your Belly Button? Study Finds "Rain Forest" of Species

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They're professional navel gazers, thank you very much, and their new study details the microbial contents of 60 volunteers' belly buttons.

What better way to get the public interested in science than by showing them their skin's own thriving ecosystems?

Another, more fragrant individual, who hadn't washed in several years, hosted two species of so-called extremophile bacteria that typically thrive in ice caps and thermal vents. »

Our universe has antimatter partner on the other side of the Big Bang, say physicists – Physics World

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Our universe could be the mirror image of an antimatter universe extending backwards in time before the Big Bang.

So claim physicists in Canada, who have devised a new cosmological model positing the existence of an “antiuniverse” which, paired to our own, preserves a fundamental rule of physics called CPT symmetry.

“There is this frame of mind that you explain a new phenomenon by inventing a new particle or field,” he says. »

LA Is Suing The Weather Channel App For Selling Users' Location Data

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But there's nothing particularly funny about the recent news that the Weather Channel app, which is owned by a subsidiary of IBM, has been selling users' location data for profit to third-party companies without the users' knowledge.

Screengrab of The Weather Channel app.

Feuer's suit further alleges that the Weather Channel app deliberately misleads users by not being clear with how their location data will be used. »