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Saturday December 29th, 2018 day edition

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The zoo was the only place to breed northern white rhinos successfully in captivity, and Sudan fathered a daughter, Najin.

Together with Suni, another male northern white rhino, this family was returned to Africa in 2009.

They shared their enclosure with southern white rhinos, a subspecies that still survives in reasonable numbers in the wild.

In 2014, Suni died, leaving Sudan as the last male northern white rhino.

A male rhino has to fight a female first and win that fight before he is allowed to mate.

If there was no poaching, there would still be good wild populations of northern white rhinos.

In Berlin, scientists have managed to create an embryo using northern white rhino semen and southern white rhino eggs. »

NASA, other federal workers not as supportive of government shutdown as Trump claims, union rep says

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The shutdown impacts 800,000 of the 2.1 million federal workers nationwide, including 16,700 NASA employees, which accounts for 96 percent of the workforce.

Although most of NASA's employees will be furloughed, those responsible for keeping people and property safe are exempted from the shutdown.

For example, International Space Station operations will continue: about 200 of the 3,055 federal employees at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston will continue working primarily to keep the three astronauts aboard the space station alive. »

I Made My Shed the Top-Rated Restaurant on TripAdvisor

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Thank you for giving us this opportunity to let the TripAdvisor community know about The Shed at Dulwich.

No, TripAdvisor, I want to thank you for giving me this opportunity to let the community know about The Shed at Dulwich.

Reviews written by real people on different computers, so the anti-scammer technology TripAdvisor utilizes doesn't pick up on my hoax. »

Illegal killing of mountain lion gets Colorado man convicted of felony

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Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) announced Thursday that a man from Evergreen had been convicted for the illegal sale of big-game wildlife and the illegal possession of a mountain lion.

He ultimately pleaded guilty to the illegal sale of big-game wildlife ─ a class 6 felony ─ and illegal possession of a mountain lion on Nov. 8 in a Jefferson County Court, per a news release issued by CPW.

Officials later learned that the man was lying about where the lion was killed, and confirmed a relationship to Pashley. »

PTSD drug may increase nightmares, insomnia, suicide risk

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THURSDAY, Dec. 27, 2018 -- A drug used to treat post-traumatic stress disorder may actually be harmful, a new study suggests.

The high blood pressure drug prazosin is sometimes used to treat PTSD-related nightmares and insomnia that can increase suicide risk.

But this small study suggests the drug may make nightmares and insomnia worse and not reduce suicidal thoughts in PTSD patients. »