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Thursday December 6th, 2018 evening edition

image for California officially becomes first in nation mandating solar power for new homes

California officially became the first state in the nation on Wednesday, Dec. 5 to require homes built in 2020 and later be solar powered.

Two commissioners and several public speakers lauded the new code as “a historic undertaking” and a model for the nation.

The new provisions are expected to dramatically boost the number of rooftop solar panels in the Golden State.

Last year, builders took out permits for more than 115,000 new homes — almost half of them for single-family homes.

One solar-industry representative said the net savings from adding solar power will be around $40 a month or nearly $500 a year.

The rules also allow for offsite solar production, so developments can build solar arrays feeding multiple homes or contract with utility-owned solar farms.

Several solar industry representatives speaking Wednesday supported the provisions, including a representative of Tesla, which builds battery storage systems for homes. »

Michigan GOP panel votes to strip power from Democratic secretary of state

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Lansing — Senate Republicans are advancing a controversial plan that would strip incoming Democratic Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson of the power to enforce the state’s campaign finance laws.

CLOSE Sen. Dave Robertson, R-Grand Blanc, discusses his proposal to create a new campaign finance commission and strip power from the secretary of state.

Asked if he was attempting to strip power from an incoming Democratic secretary of state, Robertson laughed and said he said he is “perfectly comfortable” with advancing the bill for further discussion. »

Unmarried pregnant teacher fired from Catholic school

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COAL TOWNSHIP, Pennsylvania - Naiad Reich and boyfriend Matt Graboski are expecting their first child next summer.

Instead, Reich was fired from her teaching job at Our Lady of Lourdes Regional School because the couple is not married.

For the past two years, Reich was a high school teacher at Our Lady of Lourdes. »

Cop Kidnaps Mentally Unstable Woman from Hospital, Cuffs Her, Rapes Her on Hood of His Car—Only Gets 90 Days

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In August of 2017, Curtis Lee Arganbright, a Westminster police officer, was asked to take an unruly woman home from the hospital.

She was allegedly attempting to steal items belonging to the Emergency Room after checking herself in for alcoholism.

As a result of the sweetheart deal, some have alleged, Arganbright now only has to serve 90 days in jail followed by four years probation, and has to register as a sex offender. »

Trump says he doesn't care about predicted US national debt explosion because ‘I won't be here’

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Officials had attempted to warn Mr Trump during a meeting in early 2017 that debt could spike further in the coming years.

“I never once heard him talk about the debt,” a former senior White House official also told the news website.

“He understands the messaging of it, but he isn’t a doctrinaire conservative who deeply cares about the national debt, especially not on his watch. »