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Thursday November 1st, 2018 evening edition

image for The President Is Pushing the Exact Conspiracies Cited by the Pittsburgh Shooter 5 Days After the Attack

Never mind that most will settle in Mexico, and the vast majority will not be permitted to enter America.

The President of the United States is determined to cast them as violent criminals swarming over the border to murder cops, and Democrats as aiding and abetting them.

The president and his allies now frequently refer to The Caravan—and illegal immigration in general—as an "invasion."

It's not just that dimension of the Pittsburgh shooter's conspiracy theory that Trump proved willing to back Wednesday.

EXCLUSIVE: President Trump defends his "enemy of the people" attacks on the media — Axios (@axios) November 1, 2018.

He has cast his political opponents as criminals avoiding just legal punishment, and cast his struggle with them—and the media—in apocalyptic terms.

Now, after a spasm of right-wing political violence, some of which was perpetrated by suspects who explicitly cited conspiracy theories the president has pushed, the president is continuing to push those exact conspiracies. »

[Update] 62 Days in jail, Mistaken identity : legaladvice

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I've spoken to several attorneys and law firms throughout the state and have settled on one and signed the papers and all that stuff today.

I can't really give out a whole lot of information because we are just starting to gather all the pieces and put it all together.

Also my landlord was really nice and is letting me pay the back rent over the next few months in installments. »

When television took a stand

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Greaseball male presenters mimic wisdom but end up plain smarmy and stiff, while their female co-hosts coo and defer.

Ad breaks constantly interrupt news items, and the world outside the US is often nowhere to be seen.

A final irony, one that makes this film's existence all the more necessary: youthful test audiences complained that the actor playing McCarthy was OTT, a drunken boor. »

'They considered us toys': North Korean women reveal extent of sexual violence

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Many women are sexually assaulted after they are caught trying to cross into China, for work or sometimes to flee the North.

The issue is discussed so little in North Korea that researchers found that concepts such as domestic violence and sexual violence had no clear definition.

The Korean language in the North relies on a host of euphemisms that often downplay the severity of the act. »

Macron calls to fight Europe's nationalist "leprosy"

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French President Emmanuel Macron warned that a nationalist "leprosy" was spreading across Europe, similar to the time between the two World Wars.

French President Emmanuel Macron has warned Europe of a return to the 1930s because of the spread of a nationalist "leprosy" across the continent, in an interview published Thursday.

Hungary's PM Viktor Orban has been singled out by Emmanuel Macron in his fight against nationalism in Europe. »