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Friday September 28th, 2018 night edition

image for Trump says he rejected a meeting with Canada that Canada says it never requested

NEW YORK – President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he rejected a meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during the United Nations General Assembly, but a spokeswoman for Trudeau’s government disputed that the meeting had ever been requested.

“Yeah, I did,” Trump said during a press conference in New York when asked if he has rejected the meeting.

Trump’s remarks came as the U.S. and Canada have struggled to negotiate a deal to replace the 1994 North America Free Trade Agreement.

But a spokeswoman for Trudeau, Eleanore Catenaro, said Canada never requested the meeting in the first place.

Relations between the longtime allies and neighbors became more frosty during the G-7 meeting in Canada this summer.

Trump said in the interview that he was not compromising with Canada but could say that publicly because it would be insulting.

“We’re very unhappy with the negotiations,” he said, “and the negotiating style of Canada.”. »

Elephant poaching, Africa: Has China’s ivory ban stemmed crisis?

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Yet his celebrity status, and the added protection it afforded him, was not enough to save Kenya’s most beloved bull elephant.

Satao is just one casualty of the vicious ivory trade decimating the African elephant population; a trade that is estimated to cost Africa 20,000 to 30,000 elephants every year.

While China’s ban on ivory has had a positive impact, the plight of the African elephant is far from over. »

American Bar Association tells Senate: Delay Kavanaugh until FBI investigates assault allegations

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"Each appointment to our nation's Highest Court (as with all others) is simply too important to rush to a vote," Carlson wrote.

The comments are striking because the organization gave Kavanaugh its highest rating of unanimous, "well-qualified" for the Supreme Court.

Kavanaugh himself touted that rating at Thursday's emotionally-charged hearing where he denied Ford's sworn testimony that he attempted to rape her when they were teenagers. »

Taylor Swift white noise track hits No. 1

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Photos: Quoted: Taylor Swift On identity – "I think who you are in school really sticks with you.

Photos: Quoted: Taylor Swift On celebrity – "I've had countless opportunities to do some really bad things.

Photos: Quoted: Taylor Swift On getting inspiration from her love life – "I make sure I only write bad songs about the (guys) who deserve it." »