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Friday August 24th, 2018 evening edition

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It may sound like a trick question, but it could become an increasingly common one as employers look for alternative ways to attract staff and boost productivity.

Research from job search site FlexJobs suggests that a wide range of industries, from finance to recruitment, are opening up to the idea of a shorter workweek.

Of course, the notion of a condensed workweek is nothing new.

Fans of the four-day week have been espousing its benefits from a productivity and cost-cutting perspective since the 1970s.

Indeed, in 1974, when the British government introduced a three-day workweek following an energy shortage, a national survey reported a 5 percent increase in productivity levels.

However, with job disruption on the up and employees demanding greater flexibility at work, its scope is growing.

And it appears some employers are keen to make the shift. »

No amount of alcohol is good for your overall health, global study says

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Story Highlights Alcohol was responsible for nearly 3 million deaths in 2016, study says.

"Claiming there is no 'safe' level does not seem an argument for abstention," one expert says.

(CNN) — If you're one of the third of all humankind who drinks alcohol, take note: There's no amount of liquor, wine or beer that is safe for your overall health, according to a new analysis of 2016 global alcohol consumption and disease risk. »

California State Assembly plans hearing on Verizon throttling of Santa Clara County firefighters’ data

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A California State Assembly committee is meeting Friday morning to gather information and hear testimony on why Verizon slowed down data speeds for Santa Clara County firefighters who were helping to battle the Mendocino Complex fires.

Legislators may consider whether to propose new laws to prevent companies like Verizon from throttling first responders, but that won’t be determined until after the hearing, according to Levine.

The committee will also explore whether the state of California could have intervened when the firefighters were being throttled. »

Okay, But You Gotta Admit -- The WAY Mark Zuckerberg Hacked Into Those Email Accounts Was Pretty Cool

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Last week, we reported that, as a sophomore at Harvard, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg used Facebook members' login information to break into their private email accounts and read their emails.

As we reported, Mark described breaking into the private email accounts of two Harvard Crimson editors using the following technique:.

Related: Finally -- The Full Story Of How Facebook Was Founded How Mark Zuckerberg Hacked The Harvard Crimson How Mark Zuckerberg Hacked ConnectU. »

John Lennon's Killer Denied Parole for 10th Time

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(ALBANY, N.Y.) — John Lennon’s killer has been denied parole for a 10th time and will remain behind bars for at least two more years.

Mark David Chapman appeared before New York’s parole board on Wednesday.

As Chapman faced the parole panel Wednesday, politicians and fans called for his release to be denied during a rally at Strawberry Fields, Lennon’s memorial in Central Park across from his former home. »