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Wednesday July 18th, 2018 morning edition

image for Disney's movie dominance has a dark side for small towns, independent theatre warns

John Roper is general manager of the Phoenix Theatre in Fort Nelson, which is home to about 4,000 people.

Despite excitement in the community to see the latest instalment in the Star Wars series, Roper said the conditions imposed by Disney are simply "impossible" for the Phoenix to meet.

"Sometimes they'll allow an independent cinema to team up with another independent cinema, so they can split that two-week term," he said.

Elkader Cinema in Iowa opted out for the same reasons, and Disney's "unprecedented" demands made headlines in the Wall Street Journal.

Disney holds all the cards, and we have to play by their rules.

Roper said news that Disney would be buying the movie assets of 21st Century Fox had him worried about even stricter rules in the future.

"Disney holds all the cards, and we have to play by their rules.". »

Tesla investors demand Elon Musk apologize for calling Thailand diver 'pedo'

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Tesla investors have demanded an apology from CEO Elon Musk after he lashed out at a British cave diver who rescued children in Thailand.

Musk and Tesla have gone silent since he deleted the tweets, ignoring repeated requests for comment since Sunday.

The company’s managing director tweeted:“All it takes is a public apology Mr Musk and i will reverse our decision.”. »

How Inmates Help Solve Cold-Case Murders While Playing Cards

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He said, ‘Well I thought the boyfriend had been arrested, because he admitted to me that he killed this girl.’.

So he gives me this information, and I’m able to go out and solve this 5-year-old homicide case.

But once [the cards] started working she called and said, ‘Please put my daughter on the next deck of cards.’. »

Top Voting Machine Vendor Admits It Installed Remote-Access Software on Systems Sold to States

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At that time, a spokesperson said ES&S had never installed pcAnywhere on any election system it sold.

"None of the employees, … including long-tenured employees, has any knowledge that our voting systems have ever been sold with remote-access software," the spokesperson said.

Wyden told Motherboard that installing remote-access software and modems on election equipment “is the worst decision for security short of leaving ballot boxes on a Moscow street corner.”. »

Jury Convicts Texas Man of Hate Crime in the Burning of Victoria, Texas, Mosque

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The jury found Marq Vincent Perez, 26, of Victoria, guilty for a hate crime in the burning of the Victoria Islamic Center on Jan. 28, 2017, and for use of a fire to commit a felony.

In addition, they found he possessed an unregistered destructive device for an incident that occurred on Jan. 15, 2017.

The jury found Perez guilty on all counts as charged and deliberated for approximately three hours following a five-day trial. »