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Thursday June 28th, 2018 evening edition

image for Czech Republic Set to Become First Post-Communist State to Legalise Same-Sex Marriage

The Czech government has backed draft laws legalising same-sex marriage, and the country now looks set to become the first post-communist member of the EU to allow gay and lesbian couples to marry,.

It has taken the Czech Republic 12 years to reach this point, following the promulgation in 2006 of a law permitting same-sex couples to enter into registered partnerships.

The proposed bill now needs a simple majority in order for it to be passed by the 200-seat parliament, while those in opposition would need 120 votes to implement a constitutional change defining marriage as “the union of one man and one woman.”.

“I hold the view that marriage is some kind of basic value, which shouldn’t succumb to volatility,” said Marek Vyborny of the KDU-CSL, one of the bill’s biggest opponents.

When we speak to people and start explaining the differences, eyes are opened and people say that this is not fair.”.

While the decision to legalise same-sex marriage is still up to lawmakers in each country, when it comes to immigration all EU countries must recognise same-sex marriages where one partner/spouse is an EU national. »

Head of Charity to Prevent Child Abuse Arrested for Soliciting Child Pornography and Sex With Minors

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Twenty-two year old Joel Davis was arrested in New York for allegedly exchanging texts with an undercover FBI agent.

He is accused of trying to make arrangements for sexual encounters with minors as well as requesting pornographic images of children.

The stunning documentary An Open Secret also highlighted the scourge of pedophilia in Hollywood circles, particularly in the area of child management and representation. »

An Algorithm to Detect Low Blood Pressure During Surgery

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Adding to that ever-growing pile is a new tool that can predict hypotension—low blood pressure—in surgical patients as soon as 15 minutes before it sets in.

The methodology was built atop nearly 550,000 minutes of surgical arterial waveform recordings from 1,334 patients’ records (which included more than 25,000 instances of hypotension).

“It could lead to a whole new field of investigation in clinical and physiological sciences and reshape our understanding of human physiology,” he said. »

China caps film star pay, citing 'money worship' and fake contracts

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Chinese authorities are capping the salaries of celebrities, blaming the entertainment industry for encouraging “money worship” and “distorting social values”.

Leading actors should receive no more than 70% of total wages for the cast, according to the announcement, published in Xinhua.

The notice said the industry should put social benefits foremost: “Box office ratings and click-through rates should be firmly opposed.”. »

Ivanka Trump Had More China Trademarks Approved on Same Day President Lifted Sanctions on Chinese Company

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First daughter Ivanka Trump’s company received approval from China to register three trademarks on the same day her father, President Donald Trump, agreed to lift sanctions against a Chinese telecommunications company, according to a government watchdog group.

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President Trump saved the Chinese telecommunications company ZTE from financial collapse the same day by lifting tough American sanctions, despite opposition from some of his advisers and Republicans. »