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Wednesday June 6th, 2018 morning edition

image for San Juan Mayor Says Trump's "Total Neglect' of Puerto Rico Must Be Called Out

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz tore into the Trump administration's response to the ongoing catastrophe on Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria and denounced the president's "total neglect.".

"What is staggering is that the Trump administration has completely looked away when this death toll is announced.

"President Trump tweets about the crack of dawn and he hasn't even tweeted one time to say, 'Look, I mourn with the people of Puerto Rico,'" Yulin Cruz said.

She said that "this total neglect has to be called [out].

The United Nations says that when people are denied the access to basic human services—like electric power, like water, like food, like appropriate medical care—it is like a violation of human rights.".

A new Atlantic hurricane season has begun, but Yulin Cruz said that Puerto Rico is not at all prepared and warned that even a hit by a Category 1 hurricane would mean disaster.

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Toxic toads could devastate Madagascar’s biodiversity

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In 2014, a toxic invasive species—the Asian common toad—was spotted in Madagascar’s largest seaport.

Now, scientists have confirmed that the toad’s toxic slime will likely kill nearly everything in Madagascar that tries to eat it, according to a study that surveyed the susceptibility of 88 species.

Knowing how many species are potentially vulnerable is “critical for thinking about how to approach this invasion and save the diversity,” she says. »

Here’s my gift to college graduates

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If you’re getting a degree from a U.S. college this spring, I have a present for you.

So I am giving Factfulness to everyone who’s getting a degree from a U.S. college or university this spring.

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