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Thursday November 23rd, 2017 night edition

image for Police Were Told To Keep Roy Moore Away From High School Cheerleaders, Retired Officer Says

“We were also told to watch him at the ball games, and make sure that ... he didn’t hang around the cheerleaders,” she said.

Gary did not clarify who issued the warnings, saying they “were just rumors” that circulated both at the local police department and courthouse.

She also said that while working on juvenile cases as an officer, she never received a formal complaint about Moore.

“Every day we were looking for a complaint to come in,” but none did, she said.

Moore targeting young girls “was a known fact,” Gary told the New York Times last week.

After remaining mum on Moore after the allegations surfaced earlier this month, President Donald Trump on Tuesday all but endorsed him.

When asked whether “an accused child molester is better than a Democrat,” the president repeatedly said that Moore “denies it.” »

NASA discovery of water on Mars was actually sand

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"Liquid water has been found on Mars," declared NASA in 2015 - but new research suggests what they saw was actually sand or dust.

An announcement by NASA in 2015 that liquid water had been found on Mars was premature, according to new research.

At a news conference that year, NASA's director of planetary science declared: "Liquid water has been found on Mars.". »

Judge and defendant exchange insults in court

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A judge who was verbally abused by a defendant reciprocated at a court hearing where he was being sentenced for breaching an antisocial behaviour order.

And Judge Lynch replied: “You are a bit of a cunt yourself.”.

When Hennigan screamed back “Go fuck yourself”, the judge replied: “You too.” »

Right for all to access the internet is ‘non-negotiable’, says Ravi Shankar Prasad at global cyberspace meet

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Given India’s focus on keeping internet open for localised ideas and concepts, the right for all to access the internet is “non-negotiable”, Minister of Law & Justice and Electronics & Information Technology Ravi Shankar Prasad said on Thursday.

His comments come at a time when the US Federal Communications Commission announced it would scrap the laws related to open internet access.

That is the very clear focus of India, and therefore the right of access is non-negotiable,” Prasad said at the Global Conference on Cyberspace (GCCS) here. »

U.S. Legislator Wants to Limit Sale of Games With Loot Boxes in Wake of Battlefront II

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Hawaii State Representative Chris Lee is taking a stand against what he calls "the spread of predatory practices in online gaming.".

Just as Battlefront II launched, EA announced it would be temporarily taking microtransactions in the game offline.

Efforts to limit loot box usage are happening throughout the world, as Belgium's Gaming Commission is seeking to have loot crates banned in Europe. »