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Friday May 12nd, 2017 morning edition

image for How one man repopulated a rare butterfly species in his backyard

Brimming with oceanic tones, the creature’s wings are considered by collectors to be some of the most magnificent in North America.

His story reminds us that we can all contribute to conservation efforts — sometimes even from our own backyards.

As an aquatic biologist at the California Academy of Sciences, Tim Wong rarely has a dull day.

"We raised painted lady butterflies in the classroom, and I was amazed at the complete metamorphosis from caterpillar to adult.".

In an open meadow near his home, Wong spent his days catching, studying, and raising any butterflies he could find.

"Finally, I was able to find this plant in the San Francisco Botanical Garden [in Golden Gate Park]," Wong says.

Though the California pipevine butterfly had nearly disappeared in San Francisco, it was still common outside the city, in places with more vegetation. »

Trump insists he's not under FBI investigation

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But acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe said on Thursday that it was "a highly significant investigation".

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Andrew McCabe said the FBI had full faith in James Comey.

The acting FBI director did not confirm reports that Mr Comey had asked for more resources for the agency's Russia inquiry. »

NASA's mission to Mars includes a year-long stay on the moon

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NASA will start by sending a Deep Space Transport vehicle to cislunar space, followed by the crew who'll live in the habitat for a year.

If you'll recall, the agency asked six private corporations to design space vehicles for it as part of the NextSTEP program.

Future manned missions to Mars, which could happen in the 2030s, will then take off from the moon using the Deep Space Transport vehicle. »

'The Drug Whisperer' | Drivers arrested while stone cold sober

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But 11Alive News Chief Investigator Brendan Keefe discovered some drivers are getting arrested for driving stoned -- even when their drug tests came back clean.

There's no mention of the three drivers who had their DUI charges thrown out because of negative lab tests.

The department doubled-down on their assertion that the drug recognition expert is better at detecting marijuana in a driver than scientific tests. »

HP is shipping audio drivers with a built-in keylogger [Updated]

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[EN] Keylogger in Hewlett-Packard Audio Driver – Blog post ( and Security Advisory ( — modzero AG (@mod0) May 11, 2017.

According to ModZero’s blog post, an update to HP’s audio drivers released in 2015 introduced new diagnostic features.

Update: HP replied to our inquiry with the following comment: “HP is committed to the security of its customers and we are aware of an issue on select HP PCs. »