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Tuesday June 4th, 2024 morning edition

image for US-Made M270 and HIMARS Hammer Targets Inside Russia, First Cross-Border Strikes Since Biden Green Light

Dmitry Medvedev (L) on May 31 warned that Ukrainian use of NATO weaponry against targets in Russia could trigger war between Moscow and NATO.

On June 1-2 Ukrainian artillery units used US-made M270 (pictured, right) and HIMARS systems to pound targets in Russia’s western Kursk Oblast with precision-guided rockets.

The administration of US President Joe Biden on Friday announced it would allow Kyiv’s use of the powerful weapons against targets in Russia, as Forbes reported “erasing a red line.”

Ukraine’s military on Monday confirmed cross-border strikes had taken place and military targets had been hit, but offered few details.

Russian major media confirmed Ukrainian forces used multiple salvoes of 122mm M42 rockets, some armed with cluster munitions, in the cross-border strikes.

Kyiv Post fact checks found substantial evidence the American precision-guided projectiles struck multiple military targets and caused substantial damage.

If confirmed, it would be strong evidence of a highly successful Ukrainian strike using the HIMARS or M270 rocket artillery system. »

Bombshell Report Reveals Team Trump Is Rewarding Key Trial Witnesses

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Team Trump claims payments to the consulting firm were simply backpay and her raise was because she “redid her contract.”

Her daughter Caroline was hired by the Trump campaign a few months later, receiving a salary of $222,000 and becoming the fourth-highest-paid campaign staffer.

Meanwhile, her mother stated she directly hired her nepobaby daughter and that Trump had no influence in that decision. »

Judge rejects call to immediately shut down Alex Jones’ Infowars in bankruptcy dispute

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Both Jones and his company, Free Speech Systems, filed for bankruptcy reorganization after he lost two lawsuits and was ordered to pay $1.5 billion to relatives of victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

Annie Catmull, a lawyer for Free Speech Systems, asked the judge to continue allowing the company to operate.

The families of many, but not all, of the Sandy Hook victims sued Jones and won the two trials in Connecticut and Texas. »

Gel-based male birth control is safe and effective, scientists report

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But this goo could one day revolutionize the reproductive health landscape by being the first male birth control to hit the market.

Scientists with the National Institutes of Health’s Contraceptive Development Program announced encouraging results from a phase 2 trial demonstrating the safety and efficacy of the drug.

In the trial, more than 220 participants aged 18 to 50-years-old successfully reduced their sperm production with minimal side effects. »