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Sunday May 5th, 2024 evening edition

image for Opinion: Hope Hicks’ testimony was a nightmare for Trump

He served as counsel to the House Judiciary Committee for the first impeachment and trial of then-President Donald Trump.

It’s a cliché to say that electricity surged through a courtroom — but it did when Hope Hicks took the stand Friday morning for her testimony in the election interference trial of former President Donald Trump.

Even Hicks, who was the Trump campaign’s press secretary for the 2016 presidential election at issue in the case, seemed to feel the significance of the moment.

Who from Trump world wouldn’t be when appearing for the prosecution to testify against “the boss” who has a criminal conviction at stake.

That is because as special counsel for the first Trump impeachment, I took her testimony on the alleged 2016 election influence scheme.

Trump appeared to nod off repeatedly, including during Hicks’ testimony about how she first learned of the Daniels story.

Asleep or awake, for Trump, Hicks’ testimony was a nightmare. »

HECS indexation to be overhauled in budget with $3 billion in student debt 'wiped out'

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: Student debts will be lowered for more than three million Australians under reforms designed to stop HECS loans growing faster than wages.

"This will wipe out around $3 billion in student debt from more than three million Australians," Education Minister Jason Clare said.

It warned student debt levels, which had reached $74 billion, were turning people off universities and recommended making HECS "simpler and fairer". »

INDIA: High Court Rules That A Husband May Rape His Wife So Long As She Is Over The Age Of 15

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While marital rape is legal in India, the woman attempted to have her husband charged for assaulting her in “unnatural” ways.

But in the newly-published judgement by the Madhya Pradesh High Court, Justice Gurpal Singh Ahluwalia determined that the definition of “rape” did not include married women over the age of 15.

But the new High Court ruling concluded that any acts of “unnatural” sex committed without consent by a husband against his wife, provided she is over the age of 15, are legal. »

Superintendent fired after allegedly investigating students for not applauding her daughter enough

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A San Diego-area school district superintendent was fired this week, nearly a year after students alleged she threatened to ban them from graduation ceremonies after they inadequately applauded her daughter at a banquet.

The student alleged that she and Phelps’ daughter were competing for the same position on the softball team.

Phelps and her daughter felt slighted when they thought members of the softball team cheered harder for other players than for Phelps’ daughter, the lawsuit alleges. »