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Saturday May 4th, 2024 evening edition

image for Japan says Biden's description of nation as xenophobic is 'unfortunate'

Japan hit back Saturday at U.S. President Joe Biden's comments about the Asian ally being "xenophobic" like China and Russia, calling the characterization "unfortunate" and misguided.

Biden lumped together allies Japan and India with rivals China and Russia at a recent campaign event, arguing the four economic powers were struggling because of their unwillingness to accept immigrants.

"Why is China stalling so badly economically? »

The idea that the Manor Lords dev should 'just hire 50 people' to update it faster is 'fundamentally not the way things work,' says publisher

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A solution put forward by another commenter was that Styczeń should "immediately hire 50 people and create a gigantic company, and that way they can get faster updates.".

What commenters actually want isn't always what they say they want, he said, particularly with regard to the hiring spree pitch.

"What they're probably not thinking about is that that's just fundamentally not the way things work," said Bender. »

Why are Trump supporters wearing diapers to his rallies?

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It's all due to social media posts from key witness and former attorney Michael Cohen which were shown in court.

The posts from Cohen, which were posted in April, show him taunting Trump and calling him the nickname "Von S**itzInPantz".

Since then, "real men wear diapers" has been trending on Twitter/X, and it's sparked a big reaction. »

Don't like this economy? OK, just wait for Trump and the GOP to ruin it

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He’s the first president in many decades to stand with organized labor and support its fight for better wages and benefits.

He has taken on Big Pharma, moving to lower prescription drug prices and health care costs for older Americans.

He rejoined the Paris climate accords and has done far more to address that crisis than any previous president. »

Russia leaves thousands of planes without GPS in northern Europe

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Interference in the Global Positioning System (GPS), which has affected all NATO members bordering Russia for two years, has worsened in recent months.

What’s more, thousands of ships have been navigating the Baltic without GPS since December, when the Russian army’s electronic warfare began in the Kaliningrad enclave.

Last week, two Finnair planes had to turn around and return to Helsinki after failing to reach Estonia’s Tartu airport. »