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Monday April 29th, 2024 morning edition

image for McConnell says he stands by past statement that ex-presidents are "not immune" from prosecution

I addressed that issue on February the 13th" of 2021, McConnell said.

McConnell still endorsed Trump for president, telling Brennan that he has always maintained he would support the Republican nominee for president.

McConnell has said he'll step down from his leadership role in the Senate in November, although his term won't expire until 2027.

That means, as Brennan pointed out, Trump could be in the White House while McConnell serves out the remainder of his term.

McConnell dismissed the idea of fact checking or influencing Trump when the presumptive GOP nominee parrots misinformation about Russia and Ukraine.

"I'm not going to give any advice to our candidate in the — in the presidential election," McConnell said.

To Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer's credit, McConnell said, Democrats stuck together — it was Republicans who needed to be persuaded. »

American Airlines keeps mistaking 101-year-old passenger for baby

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For example, on one occasion, airport staff did not have transport ready for her inside the terminal as they were expecting a baby who could be carried.

The glitch the BBC witnessed happened when Patricia was flying between Chicago and Marquette, Michigan - a flight this reporter was also travelling on.

American Airlines has not responded to a request for comment. »

Kristi Noem dogged by poor polling amid fallout from tale of killing puppy

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According to Noem’s account, the goat, which Noem did not name, followed Cricket to the pit because Noem deemed his odour and behaviour unacceptable on her farm.

“All I will distinctly think about Kristi Noem now is that she murdered a puppy who was ‘acting up’ – which is obviously cruel and insane.

Fourteen percent of respondents to the poll still thought Noem would be a good choice for vice-president to Trump. »