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Friday August 18th, 2023 morning edition

image for Ocean cleanup group removes record 25,000 pounds of trash from Great Pacific Garbage Patch in one extraction

Ocean cleanup crews have fished out the most trash ever taken from one of the largest garbage patches in the world.

The Ocean Cleanup, a nonprofit environmental engineering organization, saw its largest extraction earlier this month by removing about 25,000 pounds of trash from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Alex Tobin, head of public relations and media for the organization, told ABC News.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, an enormous pile of floating trash carried by ocean currents and winds to the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and California, is the largest of the world's five ocean garbage patches.

It is difficult to determine an exact size, as the trash is constantly moving, according to NOAA.

The Ocean Cleanup has estimated the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to have grown to twice the size of the state of Texas, Tobin said.

By the end of the month, The Ocean Cleanup will launch System 03, a larger version of its current system of floating barriers.

During the week-long journey from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch back to port, the trash gets sorted on the ship, and the nonprofit recycles as much material as possible. »

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories: The entire capital city has been ordered to evacuate as hundreds of wildfires scorch the region, officials say

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Hundreds of wildfires burning in Canada’s Northwest Territories have prompted emergency declarations and the evacuation of the capital city of Yellowknife by road and air.

Other residents have until noon on Friday, August 18, 2023 to evacuate,” Northwest Territories officials said in a news release Wednesday.

“If you are able to evacuate by road, obey all warning signs, emergency management officials, traffic control devices and posted speed limits,” Cochrane added. »

South Florida search for cold case cars leads divers to dozens of submerged vehicles

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The vehicles were discovered by divers with United Search Corps, a nonprofit that seeks action and advocacy for the victims of missing persons cases and their families.

“It just so happened to have 32 cars,” Bishop said, clarifying his team recovered no human remains from the lake and was not able to connect any of the vehicles to cases that United Search Corps was looking into.

Police are still investigating the possibility that any of the cars were linked to crimes, Bishop said. »

A leaked Walking Dead game will ‘let players alter the events’ of the TV show

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Details on a new game based on AMC’s The Walking Dead TV series have seemingly leaked.

Featuring over 15 characters from the show as well as familiar locations, the third-person action adventure game is said to cover the events of the first four seasons.

It’s claimed that The Walking Dead: Destinies will be published by GameMill Entertainment for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. »

Folks, the wait was worth it: Donald Trump is going to prison

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Lawyers are usually bound by ethics, but about half a dozen of them who served Trump will probably be bound over for trial.

Donald Trump has now been charged in four different jurisdictions and faces 91 felony counts, with more to come.

Donald Trump is the one now facing trial for violating Georgia's racketeering laws, hoarding classified documents, leading an insurrection and making questionable business deals. »