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Friday August 4th, 2023 evening edition

image for Donald Trump Lawyer Appears to Admit to One of Jack Smith's Charges

Former President Donald Trump holds an umbrella as he arrives at Reagan National Airport following an arraignment in a Washington, D.C. court on August 3, 2023 in Arlington, Virginia.

Trump's lawyer has been accused of confirming allegations the former president faces under the 2020 election federal investigation into him.

In response to the claims, Lauro told Newsweek: "Unfortunately, some of the legal commentary is not focused on the actual facts of the case.

Sadly, that leads to a lot of public misinformation, which is to be expected in this highly charged political environment.

"What President Trump said is, 'Let's go with option D,'" Lauro said on Fox News' The Ingraham Angle.

Tristan Snell, a lawyer and former assistant attorney general for New York state, added: "Did one of Trump's lawyers just ADMIT, on live TV, that Trump pushed Pence to delay the certification?!?.

"What I hear when you play that clip of John Lauro saying 'oh, Trump just said let's go with option D.' Donald Trump said let's go with criminal option D," Kirschner said. »

From jail to practicing law, Minnesota attorney scores big win

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Last week, Ben Richardson was freed from the Hennepin County Jail after murder charges were dropped last week.

Gad spent six months fighting in court, trying to get the judge and prosecutors to consider the lack of evidence.

She's had to make quite the comeback herself after fighting an opioid addiction since a car accident in 2012. »

Two US Navy sailors arrested on charges of sharing secrets with China

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WASHINGTON, Aug 3 (Reuters) - Two U.S. Navy sailors have been arrested on charges of handing over sensitive national security material to China, U.S. officials said Thursday.

Assistant Attorney General Matt Olsen told reporters in San Diego that, because of the men's actions, “sensitive military info ended up in the hands of the People’s Republic of China.”.

The USS Essex, a U.S. Navy amphibious assault ship, arrives in Hong Kong harbour for a scheduled port visit, November 16, 2010. »

Mid-winter temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius in South America leave climatologists in disbelief

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Climate scientists have been left "flabbergasted" as temperatures in parts of South America near 40 degrees Celsius in the middle of what is supposed to be its winter.

Data shows southern parts of South America were 10C to 20C hotter than normal for this time of year.

He said temperatures in South America earlier this week had even rivalled the prolonged heat experienced in Europe during July, despite being the middle of winter. »