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Monday July 24th, 2023 night edition

image for Dolphin and her baby rescued after being trapped in pond for 2 years

A pair of dolphins that spent nearly two years stuck in a Louisiana pond system are back at sea thanks to the help of several agencies and volunteers.

According to the Audubon Nature Institute, wildlife observers believe the mother dolphin and her baby were pushed into the pond system near Grand Isle, Louisiana, during Hurricane Ida in late August 2021.

The pond had ample supplies and salinity for the dolphins, the institute said, but there was no path for them to get back to the Gulf of Mexico.

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Video posted recently by the Audubon Nature Institute shows a rescue team gently capture the mother and calf and use a van to move them home.

The institute said it’s common for marine mammals and sea turtles to be washed into inland waterways by storm surges and coastal flooding from hurricanes. »

Warsaw summons Russian ambassador after Putin threatens Poland

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Warsaw has summoned the Russian Ambassador to Poland after President Vladimir Putin threatened Poland and claimed it was eyeing territory in Ukraine and Belarus.

Putin reacted aggressively, saying Poland was about to occupy western parts of Ukraine and was "dreaming of Belarusian lands," threatening to respond with force.

“The western territories of present-day Poland are a gift from (Soviet tyrant Joseph) Stalin to the Poles, have our friends in Warsaw forgotten about this?” »

EU to invest €45bn in Latin America and Caribbean

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The EU-Celac summit, the first of its kind since 2015, aimed to bring the EU closer to Latin American and Caribbean countries.

“This whole idea that Latin America is just a producer of raw materials has always prevented us from industrialising.”.

The move has given new importance to trade links with Latin America and the Caribbean. »