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Monday July 10th, 2023 night edition

image for Why the Toronto Zoo wants you to stop showing its gorillas videos from your phones

The Toronto Zoo is advising its visitors to avoid showing videos and photos on their cellphones to its gorillas as they distract the apes.

"We just want the gorillas to be able to be gorillas," Hollie Ross, behavioural husbandry supervisor at the zoo, said in an interview with CP24 on Thursday.

The zoo has posted signs at its gorilla enclosure to remind guests not to show videos or photos to its primates "as some content can be upsetting and affect their relationships and behaviour within their family.".

Ross said one of the gorillas, Nassir, has become enthralled with videos visitors are showing him.

While the gorilla's fascination with videos is primarily out of curiosity, the zoo wants to ensure that it does not become an issue, Ross said, adding that they have not observed any significant behavioural changes so far.

"We don't really want our guests coming and showing them videos.

Ross noted the Toronto Zoo is already letting its gorillas watch videos, including those of other animals and nature documentaries, which she said they really like. »

Turkey Frees Ukrainian Commanders, Russia Expresses Displeasure

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has returned home from his visit to Turkey, bringing back five commanders from Ukraine's former garrison in Mariupol.

However, Russia has criticized the move, claiming that it violates the terms of a prisoner exchange agreement that was brokered last year.

In September, Russia released some of the commanders in a prisoner exchange facilitated by Turkey, with the condition that they remain in Turkey until the conflict's end. »

Marijuana in the military? A push in Congress would loosen cannabis rules, ease recruitment crisis

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A push in Congress would loosen cannabis rules, ease recruitment crisis.

WASHINGTON − Bipartisan lawmakers in Congress are looking to relax guidelines surrounding marijuana use for military members − in part as a solution to bolster recruitment efforts for the armed services.

Conservative firebrand Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., is the latest lawmaker to propose a change to the military's standards when it comes to cannabis. »