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Wednesday June 28th, 2023 evening edition

image for Solar helps Texas carry energy load as heatwave puts power grid to test

As a deadly, record-breaking heatwave puts Texas’s grid to the test, renewable power sources are helping the state maintain energy reliability, contrary to some of the state’s lawmakers claims that clean energy is less reliable.

An atypically large number of the state’s ageing, run-down coal and gas-fired power plants have failed amid the spikes.

A key reason, energy analysts say, is the state’s supply of solar power, which has doubled since early 2022.

During the afternoons, solar has accounted for upwards of 15% of the state’s energy supply.

Conservatives often point out that solar energy is intermittent because the sun does not shine at all hours of the day.

Despite that fact, it’s proved quite productive in sunny Texas, said Lewin, who also writes the Texas Energy and Power Newsletter.

Amid a heatwave last summer, Texas Republicans again said renewables caused power outage risks due to peaking demand – something independent analysts contested. »

'Absolutely epic': Blackfeet release wild buffalo on tribal land

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On Monday, the Blackfeet Nation transferred 30 wild buffalo (iinnii in the Blackfoot language) to tribal lands near Chief Mountain, an area steeped in Blackfeet cultural significance in the northwest corner of the reservation bordering Glacier National Park.

Most tribes in Montana maintain their own herds, but until earlier this week, none had released wild buffalo on their land.

The Blackfeet Buffalo Program harvests about 20 buffalo each year and distributes meat to food banks, ceremonies and elders in the community. »

Oregon Finally Legalizes Pumping Your Own Gas After 72 Years

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House Bill 2426 as proposed would require gas stations to staff half of the available pumps, but allows the other half to be self-service.

The provision in the bill to staff half of pumps reflects this statistic, effectively reopening gas stations that are understaffed.

From then, there have been staunch holdouts of full-service gas stations, the most famous of which is New Jersey. »

Democrats Call For Supreme Court Ethics Reform And An Inquiry Into Clarence Thomas

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Democratic lawmakers wrote a letter on Tuesday calling for a U.S. Supreme Court investigation into allegations of “ethical improprieties” against Justice Clarence Thomas, along with ethics reforms to prevent such violations in the future.

The group also urged the Supreme Court to create an ethics council to provide advice to justices on disclosure requirements, recusal and other ethics issues.

“But the allegations against Justices Thomas and Alito similarly pose grave threats to the legitimacy of the Court.”. »

Sen. Tommy Tuberville voted against a bill that just gave his state $1.4 billion for rural broadband. He's celebrating it anyway.

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Sen. Tommy Tuberville celebrated the news, calling the funding "crucial" for rural broadband.

But he voted against the 2021 infrastructure bill that established the program he's now touting.

On Tuesday, Republican Sen. Tommy Tuberville of Alabama celebrated the fact that his state will receive $1.4 billion in federal funding to expand access to the internet statewide. »